I think I speak for everyone in America, Steph, when I demand: PLEASE BE MORE CAREFUL. The sports world will NOT be ok without you.

In case you missed it: Stephen Curry horrifically fell during Game 4 of the NBA Western Conference Finals.

It wasn’t a dirty play that caused this, or anything controversial — simply Steph being in the wrong place at the wrong time resulting in his completely defenseless body plummeting to the ground.


I don’t know how, but, that Steph fall was one way or another Matthew Dellavedova’s fault.


Anyways, as the entire world held its breath waiting for an update on his injury status — ESPN showed us a live shot from the locker room where … BAW GAWD, THAT’S STEPHEN CURRY’S MUSIC!!!! HE’S UP AND JOGGING, KING, AND HE’S COMING BACK!!!!


Eventually, Steph … returned to the game? At the time, it seemed like a REALLY questionable decision to bring him back not only because it was a scary head injury (contusion, to be more specific) … but, the Warriors are up 3-0 in the series — and this game in Houston wasn’t a “Must Win” by any means… Heaven-forbid Steph had a minor concussion that wasn’t originally-diagnosed, and caught one of these from Dwight Howard…

…Steve Kerr and the Warriors training staff would have gotten CRUCIFIED if their franchise all-world player was put back into a game before being cleared medically.

Sonya Curry said everything that needed to be said about Steph’s return….


Now that I think about it, you don’t even need to use all that fancy medical equipment to diagnose Steph. Simply let him shoot a 3. If he makes it, he’s fine. If he misses it, ok — he might be hurt let’s go do those tests in the locker room. If he airballs it … GET HIM OUT OF THE GAME THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG HERE.

Whether you’re a fan of the Warriors or not: let’s hope Steph is OK long term and this never, ever happens again.