This summer, we’ve seen a bevy of NBA players owning campers at their basketball skills camps.

First, there was Kevin Durant ending the hopes and dreams of a kid trying to score on the newest Golden State Warrior:

I spy a Saeyae camera guy 👀

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Then there was James Harden pulling the trick move of the century on a camper trying to defend him:

@easymoneysniper isn't the only one schooling kids at his camp. @jharden13 with no mercy @procamps

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Absolutely zero chill.

And now, in the latest installment of “Campers vs. Ballers”, here’s Stephen Curry putting a young camper on ice skates:

Stephen Curry goes 1-on-1 against a camper. (Submitted by @jarroncrump)

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Oh no.

I thought these kids were supposed to be attending “skills” camp…


Now that Steph and KD will be teaming up in Golden State, one can only imagine the havoc they will wreak on next summer’s campers.