I mean, you saw what happened. I ain’t even gonna waste my breath/muscles in my typing fingers talking about the invincibility of this dude is anymore.

Roll the video tape of the most immortal human being on Earth

It started Early

This one’s for you, Oscar Robertson…

Did i say immortal? Because I meant very immortal.

brb gonna go tattoo this on my face

Wait a second — Steph is human? Left the game after this.

He went back to the locker room welp uh oh ok i guess this will be a Thunder blowout this game’s over WAIT A MINUTE BAW GAWD THAT’S THE UNDERTAKER’S MUSIC HE’S GONNA KILL US ALL


Mother of God please stop.

Fastest trigger finger in the west.

Well then this happened

We just watched a man Jordan shrug after a free throw. The Warriors have truly broken basketball.

Steph Curry breaks NBA record for three-point makes in a single season. It is February 27th.


Game Summary:

Good luck to everyone and your teams next season because this one is over

Without a doubt the best part of the Curry 3: Kanter while the ball was in mid-air like “WELP WE LOST

This is where we are at.

Draymond your thoughts?

Now, if you’ll pardon me — ima bout to walk up in the club like