Memo to the rest of the NBA:

It appears the only way you can beat this Warriors squad is by catching them on the second leg of a road back-to-back, at the tail end of a seven game road trip, after they played a double overtime game in a different city the night before — because if last night’s game vs. the Phoenix Suns was any indication: every time they step on the floor, it is going to be an absolute bloodbath.

At one point: Golden State was down 42-40, when this happened…

Warriors Shots

The Steph Show had begun, and boy did it not let us down:

Chef Curry outchea COOKIN

Dude is so filthy he can simultaneously put his mouthpiece in while getting buckets

Then the Warriors got bored and tried nutmeg’ing themselves for assists:

I like to call this one: OK BYE IM LEAVING

Oh, did I mention that Klay Thompson had 27 points in the third quarter? Because he did.

The score looked like the first half of that Monstars vs. Tune Squad game in Space Jam

Suns vs. Warriors


Even Drake is like: “Yo, i gotta switch teams again these guys too good”

R.I.P. Suns.