I hope all the NBA Franchises out there are watching this and furiously taking notes. Steph recently said that no one in the Association could copy how the Warriors play because “they wouldn’t have the personnel”. Clearly it’s not the roster that’s making Golden State go… it’s all the Bay Area amenities!

Never would’ve guessed that all Chef Curry did during the summer was sip on milkshakes, watch ESPN Classic, and get back massages after reclining his favorite chair. It’s really too bad, here I was thinking the NBA finally had a MVP that exemplified teamwork, hardwork, and humility but it’s all for naught. Even NBA 2k16 has lost faith in him too! Their simulation had the Warriors getting their first loss against the Pacers last night. Almost true?

LOLOL JK NVM! Keep doing you Steph… I’d say it’s kinda working out well?