NBA training camps are in FULL swing and the past few days have given us some truly A+ entertainment. With everyone focused on the West and figuring the Cavs are the only East team of worth, this could be a sneaky amazing season for the Miami Heat. Bostrich is back at full (photobombing) strength, Justice Winslow will be shutting down the perimeter, Hassan Whiteside might be an elite rim protector, and DWade is looked YOLKED.

Not to mention his fanny pack boogie game is ON POINT. If his knees can hold up throughout the season the Heat could be a legit contender… but first;




So funny that Chef Curry actually has crazy hops but he simply chooses to never use it. Hopefully he whips that out a little more this season and surprises some fools. What won’t be a surprise is the playing style of Kobe Bryant.

Surgically repaired knees/ankles/hamstrings/tendons/bones/brain and a 37 year old frame that’s played in the NBA since it was 18… yea let’s shoot everytime still!




Yoooo I know you picked #1 for a jersey number and are a total baller D’Angelo Russell and IMMA LET YOU FINISH BUT

Have fun playing with Kobe Bryant this season (he thinks he’s still like the best player of all timeeee fam!)