That Vine is from New Year’s Eve when Drake played at Marquee, the hottest club in Las Vegas, and not only put on a show for the ages but was partying there even AFTER the club got shutdown. Typical stuff for Drake but trussss me daddi it wouldn’t be so easy out there for the rest of us.

Unless of course you won the NBA MVP, NBA Finals, and NBA Finals MVP… Luckily Steph Curry just did all those things and already has the Drake stamp of approval on anything he does. Shutting down a Sushi bar should be no sweat… Chef Curry wit da Instagram impressions boi!    





Chef Curry’s lil bro wit da Drake OVO shirt too boi!



Malibu Nights

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In typical Curry fashion, the entertainment didn’t stop there either. Last night Steph went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about everything from chewing mouthguards to playing golf with President Obama.

Who knew having a silky sweet jumpshot could get you literally anything you want in the world huh? (Dell knew, SMART man)






All the Curry’s do is WIN WIN WIN… wit or witout da pot. Boi!