Steph Curry is really really good. Did you know that? If you forgot over the dog days of summer then don’t worry, the Chef is still cooking baby! He didn’t wait to impress after an entire game either… nope he did it from the first second of tip-off…

Hi I’m Stephen Curry and I have DirecTv I’m a real life video game.

Starting Off Slow With A Nasty Floater From Bogut

Pulling Up For A Casual 3

Pulling Off A Casual Fake Behind The Back Pass

Pulling Up Against A Casual Triple Team

Yes This Is Still The Same Quarter. 4-6 From 3 In One Quarter Is Good Or Nah?

Yea It’s Pretty Good I Guess!

The Brow of Anthony Davis struggled mightily and just like that the Golden State Warriors remain undefeated!

Very impressive considering the actual 2015 NBA Champions already have a loss too. The King can’t catch a break huh? Poor guy.