Honestly, this isn’t even a ‘Steph Show’ — he dropped only a measly 29 PTS/10 AST/7 REB/3 STL — how pathetic, right? Steph is so boring now. After a 131-123 massacre of the Indiana Pacers (it wasn’t really as close as the final score indicates), this rendition will be called ‘The Warriors Are Better Than Your Team Is’ because the entire Warriors squad went absolutely bonkers on Tuesday night — not just Steph Almighty. Let’s dive into the now 23-0 Golden State Warriors highlights:

Steph wore his “it doesn’t matter if we play on this court or on a mountain in Siberia ima get buckets either way” hat of death during pregame warmups:

Curry Hat

This is the same hat he wore in Salt Lake City when uncorked a forty bomb on the Utah Jazz … so you knew this might get ugly quick — and boy did it ever…

It’s the holiday season! Which means you receive (Just your typical no-look mid-stride alley-oop to start things off):

and you give (no-look one-handed behind-his-head alley-oop)


Ya’ll Forgot About Dre, though…

Twelve minutes later: the Warriors dropped 44 points in one quarter on the 5th ranked defense in the NBA.

Did I mention that Andre Iguodala had himself a game?

Then it started to rain (watch Iggy at the top of the screen after the third 3 … the disresepect, man…)

Steph and Klay were so on fire that Iguodala just completely stopped rebounding and decided to troll the entire arena

Klay Thompson hit his 10th and 11th threes of the night in the THIRD QUARTER (one short of the NBA record)

and the rout was on:

This is lowkey the most ludicrous thing I think i’ve ever seen.

Curry Info

I’m out of captions for Steph’s step back.

For all my fellow Star Wars fans:

Finishing at the rim with his left hand over two defenders with the Pacers surging back late, no big deal…

After his sensational 39-point performance, Klay officially joined his fellow Splash Brother as the second best shooter in NBA history behind…

J.R. Smith 3's

BRB, gonna go tattoo this on my forehead. See you guys tomorrow.