Major news this weekend for any current, former, or future WAGs out there — NBA Free Agent/First Ballot PhunkeeDuck Hall-of-Famer J.R. Smith and his “pipe”…

capitals fire

…are getting hitched — as the NBA’s bad boy proposed to his baby’s mama this weekend, with the assist of his daughter….

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P.S. J.R., I know it may sound like i’m speaking a different language — but, an “assist” is when someone sets up a player other than themselves for a basket.

Moving on, this is pretty normal/not anything news-worthy — however, you know by now that nothing involving J.R. Smith is ever ordinary.

You see, this time: the woman he proposed to was NOT what was believed to be his current girlfriend: Ashley Weatherspoon.




At the moment, no-one other than the parties involved actually know what happened in this love triangle, but, regardless: this proves, for the thousandth time, that J.R. Smith gonna J.R. Smith and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it.