Dear New York Knicks:

On behalf of fans of your organization and other similarly situated clinically insane individuals like myself, I thank you. For not grabbing the unattended steering wheel of this season and jerking it severely into the cliff-face rock wall of this year’s NBA Trade Deadline.

I envisioned a moment of blood-letting and scenes of the book of Revelations.

I looked and there was a pale green horse! Its rider’s name was Dolan, and Jackson followed with him; they were given authority over a first round draft pick and millions of dollars in salary cap space, to kill with sword, famine, and pestilence, and by the wild fans of the Knicks. 

But lo’ this vision did not occur. Somehow, we have survived in an alternate universe, where Phil Jackson has prevailed beyond the mechanisms of Dolan and saved the holy grail of salary cap-space and a first round draft pick.

It could have been a nightmare. It could have been a blood bath, with extra candles and rose pedals all serial killer-like. We could have seen a guaranteed first-round draft pick tossed on the bonfire-massacre of this season. This did not occur.

I suspected it might occur. Melo was mercifully sent to the stables.

Hints of the greek-freaks little brother circulated as possible fodder for the basketball gods. This has not yet come to pass. Please, if it does, don’t start winning. We need a top-five pick.

My heart flashed back to the 2010-2011 season…KEMBA WALKER COULD HAVE BEEN A KNICK!!! BUT, NOOOOOOO!!!! THE DAMN TEAM HAD TO JUST “COME TOGETHER” AND PULL OUT A LATE-SEASON WINNING STREAK!!!!! I DON’T BLAME A’MARE FOR THAT!!!! People astute in the history of Knicks-fandom suffering will understand the connection there.

(*takes medication; practices breathing exercises; remembers what the judge said would happen if he lost control again*)

James Dolan. You have caused so much pain to so many. It’s like the Red Wedding…EVERY. DAMN. SEASON!!!

We are so hopeful. Then halfway through the first half of the season something happens. You get to thinking, maybe this year. Perhaps the boys will pull it togehter. Perhaps the ghosts of seasons past will decend from the rafters of Madison Square Garden and reveal brilliance, like the good ‘ol days.

Perhaps just maybe, we can endure Clyde’s screwy blazers for this year, if – AND ONLY IF – it could happen. A title run. But no…James Dolan like a known plague lurking in the halls of a damp castle and like a thousand locusts swarming the golden fields of promise… every…damn…year.

Something would happen.

Some “trade.”

Some “swap.”

Some “Faustian bargain” would steal the souls of every Knick fan in the known basketball world.

At first I was like...
At first I was like…

It didn’t happen this year.

Then I was like...
Then I was like…

Tears of joy were wept, in the silence of the thunder-clap of twitter reported trade rumors. We all expected it. We expected to hear it. The news echoing the horrors of seasons past. “The Knicks have traded their first-round draft pick for…”

Rumors bubbled up like crude oil just under a bullet wound on the face of mother nature herself. But it didn’t happen.

The Knicks didn’t sell the future of the team for a song and prayer on the back of some tired veteran at the last minute of the trade deadline. 

It was just settling in, when the games tipped-off Thursday evening.

Even then. We waited. We feared. The few huddled masses in our blue and orange. Fearing there had just been an oversight. That some how the news just had not been reported.

But it was not the case.

Tim Hardaway, Jr. remained a Knick.

Melo was shut down.

The first round draft pick remained in the hands of the New York Knicks.

And the Virgins wept.

The other shoe has not dropped. I was waiting for it. My wife was waiting for it. She’s has more invested in this. She was born in New York. I dedicate this post to her.

She survived.

Our marriage survived this trade deadline. It was going to be awkward for the rest of season if this one went sideways.

Thank you, Phil Jackson. Thank you.


Till next time, trust your gut.

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