Sun hot, water wet, sky blue.

We now know that LSU forward Ben Simmons will be the first player selected in Thursday’s NBA Draft.

Thanks, Captain Obvious.

The Philadelphia 76ers, who currently own the top pick in the draft, hosted Simmons for a private workout while making their final evaluations and reportedly told him that they’ll be making him the first overall pick.

For a while, there seemed to be a debate as to whether it would be Simmons or Duke forward Brandon Ingram that would be selected with Philadelphia’s pick, but now it’s clear – Simmons is their guy, and was likely the obvious choice the whole time.

That’s not to say the Sixers could have a change of heart and A.) trade the pick or B.) take Ingram, but right now it’s looking like Philly fans can go ahead and start ordering #25 Simmons jerseys.

In what has been deemed a relatively shallow draft, Simmons and Ingram are the two prizes – legit super-star potential players who can be built around – whereas the rest of the pool is filled with solid role and rotation players. That’s not to say another super-star can’t be born, but the former Tiger and Blue Devil are on another level compared to the other players. Can Thursday night just get here already??