Today’s #SHAQweek on @nbatv schedule!

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NBA TV has been absolutely killing it with #ShaqWeek the past couple days. There were some awesome all time highlights released yesterday and today it’s more of the same….with some exotic flavor added that NO one saw coming.

The Shaq Diesel-ness we all want and need is still here too though…




If you have any free time on your hands, watch as many early 2000’s Lakers playoff games as you can. I watched almost the entire Game 7 between the Lakers and Blazers this morning and I’m still amped from that shiz. And The Lakers-Kings battles were even better…

Obviously would’ve loved to see them without Tim Donaghy playing on the court too but can’t win em all. Unless you’re the Lakers of course!






But enough about the past you can tune into NBA TV for that… if you want CURRENT wacky Shaq stuff then gaze over into the Pacific Ocean. He’s heading over to Korea to go back to High School for 3 days on some weird reality show. They basically just have celebrities show up and let hilarity ensue.

Shaq accomplished that before he even stepped his size 22’s in the building..






Also a really A+ description too. I would tune in to see Dinosaur Center Shaq do ANYTHING. Take my money now Korea!


“역대 최고의 센터! 공룡 센터 샤킬 오닐이 학교에 왔다! 비현실적인 월드 스타 샤크의 등교 기념 주먹 선물 릴레이”


“The best centers ever! Dinosaur Center Shaquille O’Neal came to school! Memorial gifts Fist school relay unrealistic world star Shaq”