The NBA season is no different than the NFL, or MLB or anything else – it’s long. It’s a grind. By the end of it, players are banged up, or tired, or maybe bored. But right now, you can forget all that. Right now, the season is just at it’s midpoint, most of the players are rejuvenated from a few days off, and a whole bunch of lottery teams still have a shot at the playoffs. It’s a happy time.

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For Thursday, the NBA is just easing back into it with four teams in action, but that number is up around 30 by Friday night, so soon enough you are going to need to have an opinion on how every single player in the league is going to respond to the break – and the return to action.

It’s conjecture, but maybe it really could be true, and the best players on the worst teams will come out of the break gunning for a few W’s – at least until the end is a bit closer, and the lottery prospects more in focus. There are nine teams in action on Friday with 20 or fewer wins (and a couple with not many more), so you’ll have your pick of the Carter-Williamses, Melos, and Vucevices of the world. Choose wisely.

Historically, or at least anecdotally, the actual players who participated in this weekend’s festivities are at a disadvantage over the next few days. Unlike everyone else in the league, they got the opposite of a restful break, instead dealing with increased press and all kinds of off-the-court responsibilities. At least they didn’t have to play any defense.

So what can you take away from that? Don’t start any All-Stars? Of course not. You can start Westbrook – maybe he’ll be riding high, have some good momentum.

NBA: All Star Game



The collection of talent on the floor on Sunday was impressive, and who doesn’t love seeing 300+ points scored? 





In all seriousness, you probably can’t win a fantasy tournament without a single All-Star on your roster – they got to the game for a reason, after all. But if you wanted to make a claim that there is value to be found in those guys who have All-Star talent and got a break, I wouldn’t argue with you. Damian Lillard and DeMarcus Cousins are both playing Friday night, in case you were wondering.

Good luck.