If any other team was involved in these commercials I wouldn’t bat an eye. For some reason though they just work so perfectly with the San Antonio Spurs as the cast. It doesn’t get more boring than commercials for a grocery store so what better squad to help boringly move the product? In an Inception-esque twist though, their reputation as the least-thrilling ballers on the planet actually works in their favor.

Less is more works to get them many LOL’s. Lots of great dry humor to pick from, but Kawhi not fitting into an oven mitt was easily my favorite part (and absolutely true too)




And that’s not all folks! They got boat jokes too. And once again Kawhi’s deadpan delivery owns all. Was he created in a lab to be Greg Popovich’s ideal player or what? Also “Kawhi Knot” is a FIRE fantasy name that I’m stealing immediately…




All jokes aside… how is no one talking about the Spurs clearly being the favorite to win it all this year? The emergence of Mr. Knot + LaMarcus/David West keeping Timmy fresh should scare all of the NBA, Chef Curry excluded. Yesterday the Celtics weren’t good enough to win… but at least Avery Bradley showed he had no fear. PUT YO OVEN MITTS UP!!!