The Houston Rockets defeated the Dallas Mavericks tonight by a score of 111-99. This pleased JJ Watt very much, so, he decided to drop some NSFW dance moves. A nearby fan elected to participate.

This is a great vine and everything, but, it needs something…

….like a music remix!

There is a lot of milkshaking going on in that video — and you know what? I’m kinda ok with it.

P.S. JJ Watt is a friggin’ MASSIVE human being. Only so many people can make Dwight Howard look like he has the physique of Steve Urkel.

J.J. Watt is Massive

P.SS. Dwight Howard better lock the doors in house before bed tonight, because there’s a 100% chance this guy is going to be in a tree staring at him.

Straight nightmare fuel right here.

Creepy Guy Overshadows J.J. Watt