38-year-old Vince Carter still got it. 🐰🐰🐰 (via @p3sportscience)

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It’s barely been a WEEK and the magic of 38 year old Vince Carter is already dead n’ gone fam. I’m not writing off his career or even saying he won’t have some cool slams this year..

It’s just clear at this point that Mr. Half-Man/Half-Amazing really is more Half-Oldman/Quarter-Amazing than anything…



Everyone was universally bummed out seeing such an all-time high flyer grounded too (let’s all just tell ourselves he was fouled and THAT’S why he got denied by the rim)










In fairness though, it’s not like this is the first missed dunk attempt of VC’s career. In fact there’s a fan of Air Canada out there that’s already put together a “Top 10 Missed Vince Carter Dunks” mixtape.

God Bless you Internet! (And let’s by nicer to the oldman okay? We don’t have much time left with him)






PS: LOL @ this poster being sold everywhere back in the day even though VC didn’t come CLOSE to dunking it. Helluva #1 missed dunk though..