This is exactly why I was rooting for the Wizards and Clippers in the second-round of the playoffs.

It's not a pretty sight in Houston right now. These look like the Rockets that were in a 3-1 hole vs. the Clippers.
It’s not a pretty sight in Houston right now. These look like the Rockets that were in a 3-1 hole vs. the Clippers.

The Cavs and Warriors are whooping up on the Hawks and Rockets — each holding 3-0 series leads. Maybe it would have been the same if they were facing the Wizards and Clippers, but something tells me those teams would have put up much more of a fight.

We would have gotten Steph Curry vs. CP3. The big Clippers frontline vs. the small-ball Warriors lineups. LeBron and Paul Pierce would’ve dueled once again. The presence of John Wall and Bradley Beal may have forced Kyrie Irving not to be demoted to a cheerleader. But we never got those story lines. Instead we’re watching pure dominance.

Teams in an 0-3 hole in a best-of-7 NBA series are 0-116 all-time. The Hawks and Rockets are done … and frankly, it would be a surprise if they both don’t get swept. That means we get the matchup that most NBA fans want to see in the Finals. Cavs vs. Warriors. LeBron vs. Steph.

This matchup alone probably would've been better than anything we've seen from the Hawks.
This matchup alone probably would’ve been better than anything we’ve seen from the Hawks.

Rest certainly won’t be an issue. If the teams complete sweeps, GSW would get 10 days of beauty rest, while a banged up Cleveland squad would get a much needed nine days. Although this wouldn’t make the Cavs championship favorites, the time off definitely favors them — primarily because Irving would have a chance to get as healthy as he can.

The Warriors can clinch on Monday, and the Cavs Tuesday, so with the Finals scheduled to start on June 4, we’re going to have some time to kill, NBA fans. Because of this, Adam Silver has already considered bumping up the start of the Finals, but reports that’s “unlikely.”

If you don’t want to go more than a week without any playoff basketball, time to start rooting for the Hawks and Rockets. But if we do have to wait, it should be well worth it. It looks like we’re getting a hell of an NBA Finals matchup.

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