One of the most memorable press conferences in NBA history turned 12-years old today. Happy Anniversary ‘Sheed!

“Both teams played hard, my man,” has since become one of the more famous lines still used at times in the NBA. What’s forgettable is that this was a winning press conference, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by (skinny) Wallace’s tone.

The Blazers snapped a 10-game playoff losing streak in this game that dated back to their Game 7 collapse in the 2000 Western Conference Finals against Shaq and Kobe’s Lakers. The win forced a Game 5 against the Mavericks after being down 0-3, and the Blazers (possibly inspired by Rasheed’s beautiful words/possibly not) were able to force a Game 7. Obviously, you know they lost that game since no team has every recovered from a 0-3 hole to win a series in the NBA.

But since we’re already on the topic of Rasheed Wallace, I’ll leave you with maybe his only line more famous than “both teams played hard.” One that you’ll hear players, coaches and even announcers still use frequently today.

Ball don’t lie. And if you don’t know that, ‘Sheed is willing to get ejected to let you know.

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