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With the NFL season kicking off tonight, it’s easy to forget that the NBA’s return is just around the corner as well. There’s already storylines abound for the season… Lebron and the Cavs back at full strength, the entire Warriors team returning, young T-Wolves looking hungry, Ron Artest back to the Lakers, how will the Knicks screw it up this time etc etc…

But more than anything, even the everyday reality show that is the LA Lakers, I’m looking forward to seeing the Sacramento Kings attempt to play the game of basketball. Not just as a former Rajon Rondo fan (holy shit he is a massive headcase) but as a lover of brutal, unbelievable trainwrecks.

And make no mistake about it, whether George Karl trades Boogie Cousins or not… it’s gonna be a SHOW baby!





Oh AND Marshall Henderson in the mix too? Totally forgot about that. Hopefully they can finally run that 4 on 5 defense with a cherrypicker at halfcourt like the owner wanted.

It’s like their some kind of… Suicide Squad…