Who killed Kennedy? Does the Lochness Monster exist? Did Steven Avery do it? What happened to Tower 7? Is there a Big Foot?

So many major conspiracy theories out there we’ll probably never know the true answer to, but, we did solve one last night at Madison Square Garden: is Steph Curry an actual human?

The answer: is yes!

The Golden State Warriors defeated the New York Knicks by a score of 116-95 on Sunday evening, and despite a lackluster first half (by his standards) — Stephen Curry, predictably, went off to the point he didn’t even have to play in the fourth quarter (again).

Just as the third quarter was ending, the Knicks were trying anything … literally … to stop him — including grabbing his head during shot attempts

and scratching him

Curry Scratch

It didn’t work.

But! … the Knicks DID solve one of the biggest mysteries ever and now it’s even more amazing what Steph Curry is doing knowing he bleeds real human blood and isn’t a T-1000 sent to Earth from the future to kill John Connor.