The NBA needs as many guys like Paul Pierce as it can get.

It’s been a strange postseason for the Wizards. Many picked them to lose to the Raptors in the first-round. Washington swept Toronto with ease, which flipped the hype in the opposite direction, making them a sexy upset pick over the Hawks.

When John Wall went down with a wrist injury (that turned out to be five fractures) that pick sounded like it may go out the window. We still don’t know if or when Wall will return, but at least for Game 3, Paul Pierce proved everyone wrong.

The Wiz were up as many as 21 points in the fourth quarter, but the Hawks battled all the way back to tie the game with seconds remaining. Enter Paul Pierce. Give him the ball at the elbow and get out of his way. Even you Bradley Beal. When The Truth tells you to stay out of his way, you do it. More times than not, the result is a game winner.

And sometimes you also get a legendary interview too.

Simply put, this is why Paul Pierce is the man.

As a lifelong Bostonian I may be a little bit biased in that regard, but I’m not when I say that the NBA needs more guys like him. Great players with the clutch gene on the floor are always good to have, but I’m talking about things like the interview above. The league needs more of whatever you want to call that.

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