On a brief serious note, Howard Beck of Bleacher Report released an absolutely amazing oral history of Kevin Garnett story for KG’s 39th birthday, celebrating everything he’s done for the league. I’ve been reading pieces of it throughout the day and couldn’t be enjoying it more.

But right now, the highlight that’s dominating the internet is a story that’s just almost too KG to be true. Here’s a story from Tyronn Lue (who was an assistant coach with the Celtics) about one night during Garnett’s time in Boston:

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.42.33 AM


So, it’s not like that’s weird or anything … KG is just pure crazy and that’s what makes him so fascinating. If you’ve never head butted a hole in the wall getting pumped during an episode of ‘Making the Band” then you haven’t lived.

Everything KG does is over the top, and that alone will never cease to amaze me — and that’s simply based on effort without bringing his talent into the equation. Anyone you talk to that’s played with, coached, or just knows Kevin Garnett will tell you his energy is for real. Even more impressive is that it never goes away. In a league where players consistently take plays off (especially on defense), Garnett has made a sure-fire Hall of Fame career on never taking a single play off.

In some crazy, twisted way, this story makes KG’s approach on the basketball court not even seem strange at all. Unfortunately, there will never be another Kevin Garnett.

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