… Mainly because Draymond Green is a friggin’ boss.

The dude who allegedly threatened to sit out the second half of the epic national TV Warriors/Thunder game on Saturday (because he didn’t like the way he was being used in the offense) backed up his talk on Tuesday evening with Steph Curry out of the lineup.

Despite it not starting all that well for him FORE RIGHT!!!!!!!!

Like always, Dray showed up when it mattered most — doing Draymond Green things.

What a ridiculous steal by Dray GIMMIE DAT

And with the game on the line in overtime, he did this…

That moment when the pizza rolls are ready

And if you are a WWE fan you need to unmute this vine right now D’LO GREEN

Anyways: Warriors Win. Again. Undefeated at home. All Season. Probably for the rest of eternity. Basketball Immortality awaits. 43 straight wins at Oracle. The NBA record for consecutive wins at home? 44.

Who do they play next to try and tie the record? Oh no-one good or anything, just a team called the Oklahoma City Thunder.

P.S. Only the Warriors could throw a failed alley-oop which simultaneously acts as a perfect assist to a shooter

P.P.S. Can we please talk about Andrew Bogut’s incredible job of trolling Thabo Sefolosha embellishing getting hit in face?