Nick Young is not having a good week. First, he’s back in Byron Scott’s doghouse and isn’t playing in any games — thus, his nickname has temporarily been switched from Swaggy P to Swaggy DNP. He recently vented to the media, as written in the Los Angeles Daily News:

“You can’t blame (Kobe). He takes a lot of shots. But it’s everybody,” Young said. “From the coaches to the players, we have to get on one page and on the same page. I can’t tell you why that’s not happening right now. All I know is the circus came to town today and we did what we normally do.”

Then, Sunday Night at the Palace of Auburn Hills: HE FINALLY GOT INTO A GAME!!!!

…when the Lakers were down by 30.

What ensued next: Swaggy was fouled during a layup by Anthony Tolliver — and while it didn’t look too malicious, Young did NOT take it well:

This is how I imagine this interaction going:

TOLLIVER: “Yo Nick…”

SWAGGY P: “Sup?”

TOLLIVER: “Iggy Azalea’s music stinks.”


Gotta love how Swaggy put like EVERYTHING into that shove too and barely made Anthony move. It’s ok we still love you, Swaggy, so so so much.