Stop me if you’ve heard this one before — DeMarcus Cousins is reportedly on the trade block.

Yeah, I know. It happens all the time. BUT … this time we actually have three rumored destinations. Apparently the Celtics, Bulls and Heat have all inquired on the big man, and all three teams have the means to get him.

Let’s look at scenarios that would get Boogie on the move.

Cousins Trade 2

Breakdown: Noah and Gibson’s names have both been mentioned in trades to try and free up time for rookie Bobby Portis. This deal accomplishes that while bringing a star scorer to Chicago.

The more I think about this deal the more I like it. Derrick Rose is no longer a top option, and Jimmy Butler (who is great) is never going to be the best player on a contender. Adding Cousins is the perfect answer. Those three guys combined with Gasol would absolutely put pressure on the Cavs in the east if Cousins leaves his ego in Sacramento. The Bulls also now have Portis in a position to get minutes off the bench, and can give McLemore (a former lottery pick) a shot to develop in a new situation.

Sacramento rids itself of all the drama and brings in two guys that are all about winning. Yes, Rondo and Noah would likely butt heads at first, dating back to their Boston/Chicago days, but those two players both have the fire to win. They’d figure it out. This could be addition by subtraction for the Kings, and the start of a transition to a focus on defense.

Cousins Trade 1

Breakdown: Cousins may not be the ideal star in Boston’s mind, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Boogie’s talent may prove to be worth the gamble. Who knows what a change of scenery and leadership from Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge may turn Cousins into? I’d be lying if I said this trade doesn’t have bust potential, but if it works, it also has the ability to finally turn the C’s back into contenders.

If you’re the Kings, who cares about Lee and Zeller? This trade is all about what you don’t see. Ainge and the Celts have a treasure chest of draft picks and future assets. It’s all about determining a fair price. How many first-rounders? One … two … three? Will there be lottery protections? I’d say the 2016 Nets pick with a couple future lottery protected picks is a fair price.

Cousins Trade 3

Breakdown: This Miami package is the middle ground for the Kings. The Bulls offer a chance to win now, the Celtics offer the most for the future, while the Heat provide a combination.

Re-signing Whiteside is a must to make the deal worth while. Of course, it was the Kings that drafted Whiteside in the second-round of the 2010 draft and gave up on him, but if they can swallow their pride, bringing him back is well worth it. Adding Winslow to the package provides a lot for the future as well. If anything, these are going to be two excellent defenders for a long time.

Miami’s starting lineup after the trade: Dragic/Wade/Deng/Bosh/Cousins. It’s win now or go home. Not much more to say. If those personalities and talents can mesh on the court, Miami vs. Cleveland would be all but a lock in the east.

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