With rumors swirling, the DK Playbook has a place you can find all the deals that have already gone down with live updates throughout the trade deadline!

Here’s what’s occurred so far across the league:

2/18 – 3:18 PM ET

Jeff Green to Clippers

Clippers receive: Jeff Green

Grizzlies Receive: Lance Stephenson and a 2019 first-round pick (lottery protected)

Analysis — Great move for the Clippers who upgrade the headache that was “Born Ready” into Green. Green has his inconsistencies, but is definitely an upgrade for a team that some feel is still considered a contender when Griffin returns. Memphis, on the other hand, appears to be throwing in the towel. They sold low on Green and Lee after the Gasol injury.

2/18 – 3:08 PM ET

Kirk Hinrich to Hawks

Hawks receive: Kirk Hinrich

Bulls receive: Justin Holliday and a second-round pick

Analysis — The Bulls tried to be sellers this deadline, but didn’t find a deal they liked for any of their stars. Dumping Hinrich was as close as they got, which saves them money and gets them a pick. The Hawks, who decided not to sell, fill Mack’s void by adding Hinrich. They’re still in the mix in the East. Rumored to be three-way deal with Jazz.

2/18 – 2:43 PM ET

Markieff Morris to Wizards

Wizards receive: Markieff Morris

Suns receive: Kris Humphries, DeJuan Blair and a 2016 first-round pick (top-9 protected)

Analysis — Morris was widely considered the most likely player to move before the deadline, but the destination is a bit of a surprise. Markieff had become a problem in Phoenix, so they move him to get a strong asset in the form of a first-rounder. Washington gets a discount on a player with a lot of potential on a great contract. The Wiz may be feeling some pressure to make sure they’re a playoff team once again this season.

2/18 – 2:16 PM ET

Brian Roberts to Blazers

Blazers receive: Brian Roberts and a second-round pick

Analysis — The Heat don’t bring anything back in this deal, but Roberts is on the move once again. This deal is all about the salary cap — Miami drops under the tax while Portland gets over the floor avoiding fees for both teams.

2/18 – 1:25 PM ET

Randy Foye to Thunder

Thunder receive: Randy Foye

Nuggets receive: D.J. Augustin, Steve Novak and two second-round picks

Analysis — OKC really wanted to add a perimeter defender/scorer and gave up multiple parts to the rebuilding Nuggets to do so. Foye should step in and play a lot of SG for the Thunder.

12/18 – 12:56 PM ET

Shelvin Mack to Jazz

Jazz receive: Shelvin Mack

Hawks receive: Second-round pick

Analysis — The Jazz have been searching desperately for a PG and now pair Mack with his college teammate Gordon Hayward.

2/18 – 12:41 PM ET

Channing Frye to Cavaliers

Cavs receive: Channing Frye

Blazers receive: Anderson Varejao and a 2018 first-round pick from Cleveland.

Magic receive: Jared Cunningham and a second-round pick from Portland.

Analysis — The Cavs wanted to add a big to stretch the floor and did exactly that. They’ll also save upward of $10 million in tax, which means if they want to be aggressive, they could make another addition. All other players in the deal are expected to be waived, so Orlando and Portland just benefit from adding draft picks.

2/18 – 12:21 PM ET

Donatas Motiejunas to Pistons

Pistons receive: Donatas Motiejunas and Marcus Thornton

Rockets receive: Joel Anthony and a protected 2016 first-round pick (UPDATE – Anthony has been shipped to the 76ers along with a second-round pick for taking on the contract)

Analysis — The Pistons coveted Motiejunas and were willing to part ways with a first-rounder to bring him in. Detroit is busy at the deadline.

2/18 – 12:02 PM ET

Jarnell Stokes to Pelicans

Pelicans receive: Jarnell Stokes and cash

Heat Receive: Protected draft pick

Analysis — Miami is just saving $2 million plus in luxury tax here while New Orleans essentially gets Stokes for free — a player averaging 0ver 20 points and 10 rebounds through his 16 games in the NBADL this season.

2/16 – 4:14 PM ET

Courtney Lee to Hornets

Hornets receive: Courtney Lee

Heat receive: Brian Roberts

Grizzlies receive: P.J. Hairston, Chris Andersen and four second-round picks (a pair from both Charlotte and Miami)

Analysis — Charlotte needed to make a move in wake of MKG going down for the season. Lee will be inserted into the starting lineup. Miami brings in a contributor in Roberts, while Memphis takes on all the spare parts to acquire a pile of late picks.

2/16 – 3:15 PM ET

Tobias Harris to Pistons

Pistons receive: Tobias Harris

Magic receive: Brandon Jennings Ersan Ilyasova

Analysis — The Pistons get a very good young player at a cheap price. Not quite sure why Orlando likes the deal, but Detroit should feel good about this one.

Stay tuned for more action as it unfolds!