With only one NBA game on tap for Monday night, you can still use your Blazers and your Nets to your heart’s content, so here are a few options you might want to consider for any contests covering Monday and Tuesday. The regular season is winding down, but it’s not over yet, with most teams still having about a half dozen games remaining. And at least tonight, there is that other basketball game on to help pass the time. Good luck.

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Please keep in mind that Monday’s game between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Brooklyn Nets will be combined with Tuesday’s games for DFS contests.


Damian Lillard @ BKN ($7,600) – Being able to get him into a lineup might be the best reason to play in contests featuring tonight’s game. You know the Blazers would prefer to stay in front of the Clippers for that four seed and home-court in the first round, but, at least tonight, they are going to have to do it without Batum or Aldridge, so you can imagine Lillard getting plenty of looks on the offensive end.

Deron Williams vs. POR ($6,600) – Right now, the Nets are holding onto the 7th seed over the Celtics, and you might think that they would like to avoid a first-round matchup with the Cavs. But they are more likely to slide all the way out of the playoffs than to move up to 6th, so you would like to think they are going to be pushing to get those last couple of wins they will need to get in. It looks like Williams could be a big part of it. He has played very well lately, with seven games over 30 fantasy points in his last ten, including four over 30 and a 31-11 performance earlier this week.


Thaddeus Young vs. POR ($5,700) – He will be playing against a depleted Portland frontcourt, and he is athletic enough that he should be able to exploit any matchups against their backups.

Robin Lopez @ BKN ($4,400) – With Kaman out, and his other backups filling in for other missing starters, Lopez should get plenty of minutes. And as the lone big man left standing, he should get more looks than he used to on offense, and have a shot at all the boards he can handle.

Meyers Leonard @ BKN ($3,000) – He has been, at least, approaching 20 minutes a game with relative frequency lately, which isn’t much, but it is more than the rest of the bench fodder Portland has in the front court. This suggests the coaching staff trusts him enough that he could see more prominent activity when pressed into service for injured and/or resting starters.