A Monday night with excellent superstar power across the board. If all plays out the right way this evening, this should be a very high scoring night where you might have to get around 310-330 points to win. Let’s get into it.

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Point Guard



Stephen Curry – GS ($10,800) – I won’t go into why Stephen Curry is the best point guard in the NBA, we already know he can shoot, pass, play defense decent, etc. The one thing I worry about against Utah is that Golden State should be up pretty high in this game & Curry may sit out the 4th quarter or other long stretches of the game, which could hurt your team overall. He is always a good play, but make sure you have great players around your roster that can put up big numbers too just in-case he bows out early. 

Russell Westbrook – OKC ($10,600) – With Curry & Westy both over $10k, im going to go with Westbrook here, mainly because I know that he will be in the game pretty much from start until the end. I expect Atlanta to keep it closer & give OKC a better matchup than Utah would with Golden State. He did have a terrible game against the Pistons on Friday night, but with a couple of days to rest, expect Westy to be back to his normal self, especially against an Atlanta team that doesn’t have anyone that can run with Westbrook & keep up with his energy & deal with Kevin Durant, also. 

Other Options – Damian Lillard – POR  ($9,400), Rajon Rondo – SAC ($9,000), Isaiah Thomas – BOS ($7,600)


Reggie Jackson – DET ($7,000) – Reggie Jackson has had a strong season for the Pistons as the #1 guy at point guard. Jackson is a solid pick as he is a lock for 25-30 DK points each night & he won’t lose points for you via turnovers, as he only has 4 in the last 3 games total. Jackson has a favorable matchup against Ty Lawson of the Rockets on Monday night. 

Emmanuel Mudiay – DEN  ($5,700) – As the season has gone on, Mudiay has shown that he is ready to be the point guard of the future for the Nuggets. He still has his moments of inconsistency, but that’s just being a rookie. At under 6k, Mudiay should easily hit value against Milwaukee as Michael Carter-Williams has been playing bad & Jerryd Bayless is not an elite defender. Mudiay is a solid pick as a tournament play. 

Other Options – Tony Parker – SA ($5,400), Jerryd Bayless – MIL  ($4,900), Goran Dragic – MIA ($5,000)

Shooting Guard



James Harden – HOU ($10,100) – Harden has gotten his game together after a sub-par start to the NBA season with his standards. Harden has a floor of 59 points in the last 3 games & just put up a 71 DK point night on Friday night against a terrible 76ers team. With Dwight Howard coming off of playing on Sunday, look for Harden to be more involved in the offensive game & be willing to take over. Don’t expect a 71 DK point game against a respectable defense like the Pistons, but Harden is clearly the best player at the shooting guard position on this Monday night slate & is a safe pick for 40-50 points.

Klay Thompson – GSW ($6,400) – Klay Thompson is an interesting play at $6,400. He is a great scorer, and even better because the entire defense is constantly watching Steph Curry – and rightfully so. However, Thompson doesn’t bring anything else to the table in terms of rebounding or assists. He is strictly a scorer & streaky at times. I like him to hit value, but he is a guy that you need to make sure you build a great team around him in order to win. He should have a solid night against Utah – as long as the starters aren’t pulled early.

Other Options – Avery Bradley – BOS ($6,500), Khris Middleton – MIL ($5,700), Alec Burks – UTAH ($5,100)


C.J. McCollum – POR  ($6,600) – This is not a great night for shooting guards, but I like McCollum at this price. He has come close to 40 DK points 2 of the last 3 games, and simply put – he is a far better offensive player than Jamal Crawford & J.J. Redick are defensive players. Look for McCollum to break that 50 point ceiling tonight. 

Manu Ginobili – SA ($4,400) – Manu is going against a tough Bulls defense, however, he should be able to get his own shot through his creativity. He will get his 15-19 points, but at $4,400, he is clearly a value pick off the bench to fill up the stat sheet for spurts at a time. Ginobili is past the point where 30 DK points are going to to be something to expect regularly, but in a cash game, Ginobili is a guy who could be very valuable.

Other Options – Ben Mclemore – SAC ($4,400)

Small Forward



Kevin Durant – OKC ($9,900) – Durant has come back from his injury well, with games of 45, 52 & 65 DK points over the last 3 games. Durant is clearly getting back to his MVP level form & with all of the defensive attention paid to Westbrook regularly, Durant is going to have one-on-one defense most nights, which means advantage – KD. Kent Bazemore & Thabo Sefalosha is not putting fear in anyone that they can handle Durant tonight. 

Kawhi Leonard – SA ($8,600) – Leonard is a great pick here, not because of his scoring, but because he will be able to fill up the stat sheet. Most likely, Jimmy Butler will be guarding Leonard, which should be an entertaining matchup in its own right. Leonard has shown that he is consistent this season, averaging 42 DK points per night & having a mid-60s ceiling. Leonard probably won’t score a lot of regular points, but because he is so reliable all over the court, he is a solid play. 

Other Options – Rudy Gay – SAC ($7,200), Danilo Galinari – DEN  ($6,800)


Marcus Morris – DET  ($5,700) – Morris has been a solid contributor to the Pistons this season, being a solid scorer & the second-best option on the team. The Rockets play at a high-pace so Morris is going to have opportunities to score well & grab a lot of rebounds. Rockets are also 21st in the NBA in scoring to small forwards & with Trevor Ariza guarding him, I see Morris having a solid evening, seeing has he has a size advantage on Ariza. 

Al-Farouq Aminu – POR ($6,200) – Aminu is another one of those guys who isn’t a great scorer but a great stats sheet guy. He will contribute across the board so matchups won’t bother him much. The best player the Clippers have that will be on him is the old Paul Pierce. Yup, ill put my money on Aminu in that matchup at $6,200. 

Other Options – Andre Igoudala – GS ($5,500), Kent Bazemore – ATL  ($5,300), Marcus Thornton – HOU ($4,000)

Power Forward



Blake Griffin – LAC ($9,100) – Griffin is one of my favorite plays on Monday night. At $9,100, he is a great value for what he brings to the table with his scoring and rebounding, but with him being able to shoot more from the outside, he is a much more dangerous & complete player. With a ceiling of 63 points, he is a solid play in tournaments & cash leagues. Griffin should have a great night as he is the unquestioned #1 scoring option for the Clippers. 

Draymond Green – GS  ($7,700) – Green is one of the best hustle players in the league. He runs for rebounds, blocks, steals & assists, on top of all that, he isn’t afraid to shoot from the outside. Golden State, even with their great team, doesn’t have many guys who are consistently great fantasy players other than Curry, but Green is one of those consistent options & while Derrick Favors could be better offensively, Green is going to have his 40 DK points because of everything he does. Be relaxed drafting the Warriors’ energy guy. 

Other Options – Chris Bosh – MIA ($7,300), Paul Millsap – ATL  ($7,700), Derrick Favors – UTA ($7,100)


Serge Ibaka – OKC ($6,200) – Ibaka is a great play here for tournament play. He isn’t going to get many offensive opportunities with Westbrook & Durant healthy, but his rebounding & shot blocking is still among the elite in the NBA. He will have a tough matchup against the toughness of Millsap & Al Horford, but Ibaka should be able to hit value without a problem & does have the ability to hit open shots if Atlanta decides to consistently double KD & Westbrook. 

Dirk Nowitzki – DAL ($6,400) – Dirk has been close to a double-double machine recently, as he has become the top option scoring-wise for a bad Mavs team. The Kings are not slated to have DeMarcus Cousins in the lineup, & if he is officially listed  as out, Nowitzki is great as a tournament play, especially with being able to still shoot from outside at this point in his career. 

Other Options – Kenneth Faried – DEN ($5,800), Terrance Jones – HOU ($5,700), Ed Davis – POR ($4,500)




Andre Drummond – DET ($9,100) – Drummond has been an absolute beast all season long, recently having a stretch of 12 straight games with a double-double. Houston has a formidable matchup in Dwight Howard, however, Howard is coming off of a back-to-back & his minutes will most likely be watched closely. Drummond should be in line to have another monster game with 20/20. 

Greg Monroe – MIL ($6,900) – If you don’t want to go up & pay for Drummond, Monroe is a great alternative against the Nuggets. Monroe had an 18 DK game in his last game, but I don’t expect that to continue. Denver doesn’t have much in the frontcourt that can phase Monroe in terms of scoring inside or outside. Faried is a relatively strong rebounder, but offensively, Monroe is a solid pick here & should hit value without much effort. 

Other Options – Pau Gasol – CHI ($6,800), Al Horford – ATL ($6,400), Hassan Whiteside – MIA ($8,000)


Jared Sullinger – BOS ($6,400) – Expect Sullinger’s value to go up through the week after Monday. He has been a double-double machine as a starter & this should continue against Miami, as outside of Whiteside, there isn’t another player in the frontcourt that is going to challenge Sullinger in the post as Bosh is more of a perimeter player than a low-post banger. 

Tim Duncan – SA ($6,000) – Duncan has been Mr. Reliable this season. With LaMarcus Aldridge starting alongside Duncan, it has allowed for Tim to see more man-to-man & grab more rebounds & blocks, especially when Leonard & Aldridge are on the court with him. Look for Tim to have another double-double possible night against Gasol & the Bulls. 

Other Options: Enes Kanter – OKC ($5,100), Clint Capela – HOU ($5,100), Mason Plumlee – POR ($6,200)