S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT! Most of you will not be familiar with the Bay City Rollers, but they did have one of the catchy “day” based radio tunes waaaaay back in the Disco era. Anyway, for those of you who want a little present day NBA action, let’s get on with the good stuff, shall we?



Russell Westbrook – OKC at GSW – $11,100 – The series is tied one to one as the Western Conference Finals heads to Oklahoma City for the next two tilts. Through the first two games, Westbrook has been “getting his” with 35.5 mpg, 17.5 field goal attempts per game for an average line of 21.5 ppg, 3.5 rpg, 12.0 apg and 4.5 spg on his way to a solid 53.6 DraftKings points. This is in line with his three games of regular season production against the Warriors and we can expect more of the same on Sunday.

Stephen Curry – GSW at OKC – $10,700 – With the discount when compared to Westbrook, we should see Curry on more lineups. The best course of action would be if we are able to finagle both on our teams; however, that is not going to be the most optimal outcome. Well unless of course we can nail our punts. I will be splitting my lineups between these two fantasy stallions.


Cory Joseph – TOR vs CLE – $3,100 – I am going back to Joseph once more as my recommended discount point guard. There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding with regards to Kyle Lowry – $8,300 heading back to the locker room for a “bio break” at the end of the first half (but before the game was at the break), and it will be interesting to see how he responds to a couple days of media scrutiny. Regardless of whether or not Lowry wilts or rises to the occasion, I will be taking Co-Jo as I have him projected for 21.6 DraftKings points which would be nearly 6x value. Through the first two games of this series he has averaged 18.8 fantasy points on 21 minutes per game.



Klay Thompson – GSW at OKC – $7,900 – For Thompson to “exceed” value he needs to make his three-point shots. Tournaments only for me as I am most likely to punt this position, but we have seen his tremendous upside when he is rolling, and he can put up 20 fantasy points in a single quarter if things are going his way. He can also disappear and allow Stephen Curry and Draymond Green to dominate the offensive opportunities, so be wary.

DeMar DeRozan – TOR vs CLE – $7,200 – If you are a believer that Lowry has folded under pressure, then it would make sense to focus on Double D as the beneficiary. I am planning on staying away from both of them, but I would be remiss for not acknowledging DeRozan’s ability to get to the forty fantasy point plateau.


Terrence Ross – TOR vs CLE – $2,800 – The former University of Washington star is a boom/bust option as everything depends on his shot falling. On the season he shot 44.2% at home and 41.4% on the road. Of course a lot of his value is tied to his production beyond the arc, and his numbers from downtown were 39.7% and 36.3% respectively. Rolling with the discounted members of the Raptors backcourt really frees up salary cap and creates a lot of flexibility with the other positions.



LeBron James – CLE at TOR – $10,500 – After messing around the last few games of the Atlanta series, King James finally got his triple-double on Thursday against the Raptors. Even with defensive ace DeMarre Carroll on him, he was an unstoppable force with 62.8 DraftKings points in just 34 minutes. He is the top option on the slate.

Kevin Durant – OKC vs GSW – $10,300 – In Game 1 of this series, KD was 10 of 30 from the field on his way to 50.5 DraftKings points, he was much more efficient with his scoring in Game 2 making 11 of his 18 shots, though his hustle/helper stats were down and he only managed 37 DraftKings points. The reality is probably somewhere in the middle, but if he can get the volume and make the shots, he will be able to flirt with the top fantasy score of this slate.


Harrison Barnes – GSW at OKC – $4,300 – Mr. Steady Eddy keeps plugging away and has been ending up just over or just under 20 fantasy points per game this series. He gets enough minutes that he does have 30 fantasy point upside if things go his way and it is hard to see him laying an egg in this matchup.

DeMarre Carroll – TOR vs CLE – $4,100 – Tread lightly here as Carroll has seen his minutes drop as he has been in a little bit of foul trouble being tasked with guarding LeBron James while he is on the floor. If he can get a couple transition or put-back buckets he could easily surpass 20 fantasy points. He could also play great defense and not do anything fantasy worthy. Tournament flier only, but he will likely be on about a third as many rosters as Harrison Barnes.

James Johnson – TOR vs CLE – $2,000 – The other guy tasked with guarding LeBron has actually seen 19-20 minutes in the first two games of this series after playing only 13 minutes in three appearances in the Miami series. He is worth the shot, if you can stomach a single digit fantasy performance



Draymond Green – GSW at OKC – $9,500 – If you are going to spend, then Dray Dray is the best option as he posted 13 triple-doubles during the regular season which were second to Russell Westbrook’s league leading 18. The upside is there; however, from a price per dollar perspective, there is another option.

Kevin Love – CLE at TOR – $8,200 – For some reason, Love continues to be overlooked. I actually don’t mind constructing a roster and leaving $2K worth of salary cap on the table and creating a differentiated lineup by leaving Draymond Green to other gamers. Not the safest game theory play, but I doubt many will go down this path that could potentially be the yellow brick road to glory.


Patrick Patterson – TOR vs CLE – $4,500 – Patterson is seeing solid minutes against the mobile BIGs of Cleveland and while his upside realistically caps out around 25 DraftKings points, he likely will post at least 15, and that is just fine with me.

Channing Frye – CLE at TOR – $3,700 – He should see five or six field goal attempts and he has been pretty selective with his shooting during the playoffs and is making nearly 60% of his shots. Wait, that is only three you say, well yes, but most are from three-point range which is worth a half point bonus on DraftKings. In his last three playoff appearances he has averaged 3.3 makes on 6.0 attempts and tallied 14.5 fantasy points per game. Not bad from a punt option when you consider the outlier he had four games ago in Atlanta during the series with the Hawks when he was in THE ZONE making 10 of 13 shots on his way to 40.3 DraftKings points.



Bismack Biyombo – TOR vs CLE – $6,000 – Yes, last weekend I said to let others carry the risk and that Bismack was not a great play. Well, he made me eat my words with 41 minutes, 17 points and 16 rebounds on 6 of 8 shooting in the clincher against Miami. In the first two games of the Eastern Conference Finals, he is shooting 75% from the field, but not getting the rebounds with nine total and mustering a combined 33.3 DraftKings points in those games. I am still going to let others take him at his current price point.

Steven Adams – OKC vs GSW – $6,300 – It is my hope that this price point scares away most gamers as it is by far the highest we have seen Adams for most of the entire season. Through five games during both the regular season and the playoffs, Adams has averaged just 23.9 DraftKings points on 30.4 minutes per game against the Dubs, but he is getting the most minutes among the Thunder BIGS, so that is the way I want to go if I am playing it safe.


Andrew Bogut – GSW at OKC – $3,800 – Bogut has averaged 16.5 mpg in this series and taken all of two shots. While he made them both and is actually averaging a solid 14.2 DraftKings points per game, he is not a safe play, but then again, neither are his teammates that I am about to discuss.

Marreese Speights – GSW at OKC – $2,000 – Game 1, one minute and one fantasy points. Game 2 nine minutes, 5 of 6 from the field and two rebounds for 15.5 fantasy points. When dealing with the Ace of Speights, know that he isn’t the safest option due to the shortened rotation, but as we saw during the regular season, there is tournament winning upside from this four team player pool.

Festus Ezeli – GSW at OKC – $2,500 – Another member of the Warriors pivot hydra, Ezeli rewarded his backers in Game 2 by making all five of his shots and grabbing five rebounds in 14 minutes of action on his way to 21.3 DraftKings points. Sounds great right? Well in Game 1 of this series he had just eight minutes of court time and posted 6.8 fantasy points. Again, not the safest option, but he has flashed upside.