Today’s NBA targets break down the 5-game NBA slate we have with a look at the studs, sleepers and mid-range players you want to have rotating in your lineups.

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Chris Paul vs. CHA ($9,700) – Charlotte takes to the road in a coast-to-coast trip against Utah, Los Angeles (Clippers) and Sacramento, and usually when teams travel across the country they end up slowing a bit – call it jet-lag or time adjustment or even just loss of sleep. Paul is a fantastic option as a build-around guy, assuming you’re not going with Anthony Davis or James Harden. Maybe you want to try to squeeze two of the three in your lineup on Tuesday? I mean, sure, why not? Keep in mind that Paul draws the most favorable salary of the three and gets the best matchup too.

Michael Carter-Williams @ NO ($7,000) – According to reports on Monday evening, Michael Carter-Williams is going to be ready to play on Tuesday after dealing with an ankle injury. That’s good news to my ears as MCW was pretty hot his last game out, netting 50.5 fantasy points, while contributing everywhere in the box score. Even taking out MCW’s last game, he is still averaging 35.0 FPPG over his three previous contests. Dude is pretty hot right now, so I’ve got him pegged to keep it up without the five-day layoff affecting him.



Alexey Shved vs. SA ($6,200) – Shved is turning into a nice play, eh? The added minutes since he’s been with the Knicks has been huge, and I don’t see his minutes slowing anytime soon. Over his last six games, Shved has averaged 34.1 FPPG all while only shooting .416. The good thing? Shved’s 3-point percentage is just about as good as his overall seasonal field goal percentage.  The value is decent here as well, so take advantage.

Patrick Beverley vs. ORL ($4,300) – It’s the minutes that attract me to Beverley, although he’s certainly more of a facilitator than anything. Still, his assist totals sure could use a bump. Consider Beverley a shot-in-the-dark play for a low price. And, the matchup isn’t bad at all with a 27th OPRK ahead of him facing the Magic.





James Harden @ ORL ($10,800) – The price is borderline, but big players do step up for big games, right? Okay, well, this isn’t really a big game for the Rockets, but Harden should at least get 40 fantasy points on Tuesday even though I like him to snag 50 fantasy points. He’ll only really be worth the price if he nets the 50 points.

Victor Oladipo @ HOU ($7,700) – Oladipo’s salary has slid a bit since I recommended him last week, and of course that’s due to a slide in his production from a major outburst the first week of the month. Where does Oladipo fall? Is this salary right for him? I think so. He’s a borderline 8K player for the rest of the season and should settle to around 40 FPPG here on out.



Eric Gordon vs. MIL ($6,000) – Gordon isn’t really a value with his 6K salary, but he’s getting that salary assigned because he’s built some solid consistency each night in the production that he gives. That’s always a nice option to realize when filling out your DFS lineups, that you can depend on a player meeting their seasonal average. Gordon has only had one stinker of a game over the last 10 games played.

Courtney Lee @ DET ($3,500) – The 26th OPRK matchup pulls me in, although realizing that Lee is a major risk at this price. With the way the Pistons have been playing of late, they can’t stop anyone. Look for Lee to make the most of the minutes he’s given – something he doesn’t normally do on a consistent basis.





Kawhi Leonard @ NY ($8,600) – Leonard is certainly the best SF of the night, even with his less than stellar OPRK matchup (10th). He has really stepped up his game of late, going 44-for-83 (.530 FG%) over his last five games while averaging 44.5 FPPG. I question if Leonard will net more than 30 minutes, but that’s still enough to do some fairly good damage in New York.

Tobias Harris @ MIL ($6,900) – Harris is exceeding his seasonal 31.1 FPPG average  a bit more than usual over his last bunch of games. I love his 3-point production over his last few games, going 8-for-16 for a .500 3-point FG%. I like Harris to keep sinking baskets and to keep snatching balls away defensively, and he’s not a bad price, actually, even listed in the stud category.



Trevor Ariza vs. ORL ($5,800) – Even at 5.8K, Ariza is a bit riskier than I’d like. Still, not a horrible value. Ariza’s matchup suggests good things to come on Tuesday facing the Magic with a 22nd OPRK individual matchup; however, as a team, the Magic are quite bad when it comes to scoring points for their team. Plus, they have issues snagging rebounds, which Ariza thrives on as a defensive wizard.

Matt Barnes vs. CHA ($5,200) – Sometimes it’s more about a players current production and consistency than it is matchup. Barnes carries the worst matchup of the night facing the Hornets, but I’m going to recommend him anyway with his excellent play over his last bunch of games. Barnes has averaged 26.7 FPPG over his last five played, while getting 32.1 MPG in the process. Considering what Barnes has done over the last couple of weeks, I’m good paying 5.2K.





Anthony Davis vs. MIL ($11,400) – Davis did his best Russell Westbrook impression, getting his second 80-point fantasy total in the month of March on Sunday, although he did rack up 50 minutes in the process. Don’t worry about Davis being rested any on Tuesday. You just have to decide if you want to spend the salary dollars on him.

Blake Griffin vs. CHA ($9,000) – Griffin came back into action with a huge bang, even though he didn’t shoot the ball much on Sunday. Griffin had been out of action as of February 6th due to an elbow injury, but there’s no doubt that he’s ready to contribute in a big way for the Clippers. Look for him to take more shots this game and to contribute everywhere else, like he usually does. I at least see a 45-point fantasy night ahead for Griffin.

Greg Monroe vs. MEM ($7,600) – I don’t like the value options at PF on Tuesday, so I’m listing a third stud play. Monroe is about the best thing the Pistons have going right now, amidst a terrible 10-game losing streak. Monroe has been putting up nice production, 40.1 FPPG over his last six played, while shooting 45-for-84 (.536).

Update: Greg Monroe has been listed as ‘Out’ for tonight. Look for Anthony Tolliver to gain some extra minutes with Monroe out of the lineup.



Donatas Motiejunas vs. ORL ($5,200) – Like I said above, I’m not a huge fan of the value options at PF, or should I say the non-value options. Motiejunas does grab me some, considering the minutes he’s still snagging (29.0 MPG). He doesn’t give much by way of consistent production, but I like the matchup and the opportunity he’ll be given in this game enough to slide him in my lineup if I really need a lesser-salaried PF on Tuesday.





Nikola Vucevic @ HOU ($8,300) – With three double-doubles over his last three games, Vucevic has bumped up his production after slowing a bit and missing some time due to injury. Over his last four games, Vucevic has averaged 39.2 FPPG, 17.5 PPG and 11.3 RPG. Look for him to keep rolling along, even facing the Rockets.

Marc Gasol @ DET ($7,400) – The 30th OPRK that Gasol draws, against the Pistons who can’t buy a win, really, really jumps out to me. If I were you, I’d really, really consider rostering Gasol on St. Patrick’s Day! Gasol is my play of the night and I expect a 40-point fantasy night. Like, really.



Omer Asik vs. MIL ($5,100) – Yes, this is my fourth Pelicans’ player I recommend on the day, but I’m not obviously expecting you to roster an all Pelicans lineup. You can fill Asik in around your studly options, keeping in mind that he’s been a rebounding machine of late with 28 rebounds over his last two games.

Cole Aldrich vs. SA ($4,200) – Aldrich doesn’t score much, although as long as he keeps rebounding and blocking shots he provides nice value at the C slot. Don’t expect more than 25 minutes from Aldrich, although that’s enough if he maintains similar production with his defensive stats as he has over the last few games.


Good luck on Tuesday! Catch me on Twitter @TheRolyPolyBoy where I may sometimes answer your questions, but only if I really, really feel like it.