The NBA rolls on tonight with a four-game slate, so here are my favorite studs and values at each position. If you have any questions, reach out to me on Twitter @JasonWalkerDFS.

Point Guard


Eric Bledsoe – PHX at DEN – $9,200- Bledsoe has snuck into the elite category when it comes to possession usage. Over the last 10 games, Bledsoe is third in touches per game with 94.9, with only James Harden (102.7) and Russell Westbrook (99.8) ahead of him. His raw usage is 28% over the same span, with a 36.6 assist percentage to go with it. As Bledsoe gets the minutes, he should pile up the numbers.

Ricky Rubio – MIN vs. IND – $6,800 – Rubio is 15th in touches over the past 10 games and has a 43.4 assist percentage over that span, which has led to games of 37.50, 48.50, 31.25, 47.00, 42.25 and 51.75 DraftKings Fantasy Points (DKFP) in the last 6 games in which he reached 30 minutes.

Other Options – Jeff Teague ($7,200), Russell Westbrook ($12,600)


Pierre Jackson – DAL at OKC – $3,000 – He’s the likely starter and likely a very popular punt play with both Deron Williams and Wesley Matthews out for this game against the Thunder. He is likely to get 25-28 minutes at around 20% raw usage, which would put him in the 21-25 DKFP range, which is where you want him in tournaments.

Jameer Nelson – DEN vs. PHO – $4,500 – Another game without Emmanuel Mudiay, another likely solid 30 minutes. He will have the ability to reach the 30 DKFP mark again, given his role as PG here and the 230 projected game total.

Other Options – Devin Harris ($3,000)

Shooting Guard


Devin Booker – PHX at DEN – $7,200 – Volume scoring at its finest, Booker has a 29% raw usage rate and has scored at least 33 DKFP in seven of his last eight games. The projected game total and his large role in possession usage gives him a near 50 DKFP ceiling tonight.

Zach LaVine – MIN vs. IND – $6,200 – His volatility in results makes him a tourney only play for me, but LaVine is still playing mid 30s minutes and has a slightly positive individual matchup here against the Pacers. The raw usage rate is the main concern with Zach, as he has not cracked 20% raw usage since January 7th.


Lou Williams – LAL at UTA – $5,200 – Looooou. With D’Angelo Russell out, Lou is going to continue to have the chance to produce a lot of points. In 15 games without Russell this season, LouLou has averaged 32% raw usage and 31.4 DKFP in 26 minutes. His last five games: 52, 18, 41, 42.50 and 37.75 DKFP. I think he’s a strong option tonight, even against Utah, a team he scored 28.50 DKFP against in 27 minutes in December. Loooooou.

Seth Curry – DAL at OKC – $4,500 – Again, with myriad injuries to the Dallas backcourt PLUS Dirk Nowitzki missing, Curry will pick up more minutes as a result. Curry played 34 minutes against the Knicks Wednesday night, with 31% raw usage and 34.25 DKFP.

Other Options – Brandon Knight ($3,300)

Small Forward


Gordon Hayward – UTA vs. LAL – $7,300 – His last time out against the Lakers, in LA, Hayward had 50.25 DKFP in 34 minutes, and if the Jazz get out in front, then it’s going to be because Hayward has that kind of night. I think he’s a decent target, especially with Rodney Hood still questionable for this game.

Andrew Wiggins – MIN vs. IND – $7,000 – Less expensive than Paul George, with just as many touches per game as PG13 and higher raw usage over the last 10 games. Both those guys will beat each other up pretty well, leaving the extended playing time of Wiggins (38 minutes per game over last 10 games) over George (33.7) as the deciding factor here for me.

Other Options – Harrison Barnes ($6,000)


Wilson Chandler – DEN vs. PHX – $5,600- He has slightly more raw usage (22 to 19%) than his similarly priced teammate, Danilo Gallinari. Also, Chandler will likely see less P.J. Tucker but still get around 30 minutes at home to do damage in this projected high scoring game.

Justin Anderson – DAL at OKC – $3,000 – Anderson’s mid 20% usage makes him a nice option with both Deron, Dirk and Wes Matthews out. In his last two games, Anderson has played 34 minutes total, but scored 53.50 DKFP with insane usage (30.3 and 50.5 in each game).

Other Options – C.J. Miles ($3,700)

Power Forward


Karl-Anthony Towns – MIN vs. IND – $9,900 – The best individual matchup of the night at the position is Towns, who also can lay claim to the best non-Westbrook ceiling of the night as well. He gets 73 touches per game, which is fourth most among centers over the last ten games. He’s also in the top ten in rebounds overall over the same span. Toss in the 26% usage and a home game, and I think he is a solid target.


Dwight Powell – DAL at OKC – $3,100 – Dwight Powell has show he can achieve solid values when given the minutes (33.25 DKFP vs. GS, 23.25 at PHX, 28.75 vs. LAL), but Rick Carlisle has shown in the past that he will mix up Powell’s time on the court. He is in play as a volatile tournament option for me, because he gives a gateway into the Westbrook/Towns tier.

Darrell Arthur – DEN vs. PHX – $3,000 – You would like to get 25 DKFP from a $3K punt, and since Mike Malone loves to get Arthur 20 minutes when healthy, Arthur can certainly get there in this matchup. Last two games: 41 minutes total, 59.25 DKFP.



Nikola Jokic – DEN vs. PHX – $9,300 – Jokic, over the last 10 games, has received 76.4 touches per game, third most among big men behind DeMarcus Cousins (83.6) and Marc Gasol (79.1). He’s also stretched his raw usage to over 30% over the last five games, resulting in a stretch of five 50+ DKFP games in his last seven. The matchup here against Phoenix, even against Tyson Chandler, is a positive one, and the projected game total is large.

Rudy Gobert – UTA vs. LAL – $7,500 – Gobert is seventh in defensive rebounding rate over the last 10 games and he has been playing long minutes, averaging over 34 per game over the last ten games despite a foul-trouble induced 24 against Denver last time out. There should be plenty of opportunity for Gobert to produce tonight against the weak interior of the Lakers.

Other Options – Tyson Chandler ($6,400)


Enes Kanter – OKC vs. DAL – $5,500 – He can’t help himself. If he gets minutes, he has to produce. His raw usage rate is 26% over the last 10 games, and he has not scored below 20 DKFP since 1/2/17, scoring over 30 in seven of 11 games.

Steven Adams – OKC vs. DAL – $5,000 – Adams is coming off back to back 30+ minutes outings, and will matchup, at times, with Andrew Bogut tonight. He has scored 72 total DKFP in the last two games and looks healthy after missing two games in the middle of the month.


I am a promoter at DraftKings and am also an avid fan and user (my username is jaywalker72) and may sometimes play on my personal account in the games that I offer advice on. Although I have expressed my personal view on the games and strategies above, they do not necessarily reflect the view(s) of DraftKings and I may also deploy different players and strategies than what I recommend above.