Hello for another Monday! In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King day, the NBA will have games starting at 2:00 p.m and going into the evening. Let’s get started on the targets for tonight.




John Wall – ($9,500) Wall is going into a high profile matchup against another of the NBA top guards in Damian Lillard. Wall is coming off of a 79 DK point game on Saturday night against the Celtics, a high pace team. The Wizards are ranked in the top half of the league in pace & the Trail Blazers are 8th, so plenty of opportunities should be available for Wall to get up and down the floor. Wall will be a great pickup due to his offensive game & his defense has he averages 2 steals per game & had 7 steals in his game against Boston. The point total in this game will be at 213 so Wall should have a great night going up & down the court at a high offensive level.

Stephen Curry – ($10,500)  This is going to be a fun night for Curry & the Warriors, who have the #1 pace rating in the NBA, going against the #4 team in Cleveland. Curry is pretty much a constant – 2 of his last 3 games he has gone over 60 DK points & he has four 60+ point games in his last 10. His matchup, Kyrie Irving, is still getting his legs under him in terms of getting back into his full defensive mindset, & in a high-profile matchup, a rematch of the NBA Finals in 2015, look for Curry to go out & make a statement against LeBron James & the Cavaliers.

Other Options – Chris Paul – ($9,700), Isaiah Thomas ($8,000)


Kyrie Irving – ($6,900) Irving has played well while getting back into the offensive flow with the Cavaliers, averaging 28 DK points this season, which has been basically January. While those aren’t great numbers, Irving is getting better & has a shot to be a difference maker in this finals rematch against the Warriors. The Warriors are certain to focus most of their attention (Draymond Green) on LeBron James in this one and Kyrie could see increased usage because of it.

Other Options – Reggie Jackson ($7,000), Ty Lawson – ($3,800)




James Harden ($9,900) – As I have said before, James Harden under $10k is always a safe choice. Harden is going to be the top offensive option for the Rockets every night despite a couple of strange games lately where his shot totals have dipped.The Clippers are a far more uptempo, high flying team that will look to push the ball & allow for Harden to get back on track and dominate the ball for Houston.

Jimmy Butler – ($8,500) – Butler has been on fire lately and his matchup against the Pistons should be a good one. Butler is coming off of a monster 81 DK point game on January 14 (yes, he did follow back with a rough game, but fatigue played a  big factor), & should be back on track Monday. Butler has established himself as the best player on the Bulls team & his defensive intensity allows him to pick up the hustle stats that can make him a more consistent daily option.

Other Options – Demar DeRozan ($8,100), Klay Thompson ($7,800)


Bradley Beal ($6,700) – Beal has had an off year due to injury, but he has been working himself back into playing shape more & more each game. Beal is playing in a high paced matchup against C.J. McCollum and both Beal and McCollum should benefit. Beal will certainly benefit from the penetration abilities of John Wall & the attention the red-hot Wall will get in terms of double-teams. Play Beal in tournament plays as he is capable of having a big night, especially from 3-point range.

Other Options – Avery Bradley ($5,500), Kyle Korver ($4,200), Tyreke Evans ($7,800), C.J. McCollum ($7,300)




Jae Crowder ($6,600) – Crowder has been one of the bright stars for the Celtics this year, averaging 30 DK points per game & in his last 2 games, having 2 straight 42 DK point nights. Crowder is a solid stats-filler & my view on stats fillers is that they are always good plays because they are not dependent on opposing gameplans. Those guys play on strictly effort & Crowder’s energy alone will make sure that he will gain stats & DK fantasy points.

Other Options – Nicolas Batum ($7,200), Kent Bazemore ($6,000)


Trevor Ariza ($5,200) – Ariza is a good player to go for if you are in a bind & just need to have a solid utility player. Ariza is averaging nearly 25 DK points per game, but he has been very inconsistent this year with his real-world scoring, which doesn’t make me feel comfortable about using him in anything but a tournament style. Ariza’s three-point shooting is always worth a look for extra points, & I would only use him in situations where you need a good value after the rest of your roster is filled out. In a high pace game against the Clippers, Ariza should have quite a few open shot opportunities.

Al-Farouq Aminu ($5,000) – Aminu has been a solid role player for the Blazers all season long & if you don’t feel as comfortable with Ariza, Aminu is a solid pick as he gets much support off of the offensive plays & defensive attention on Lillard & McCollum. Aminu is a great defender in terms of rebounding & collecting blocks & can step outside a shoot three-pointers when needed. Aminu is another great stat-sheet-stuffer & is a great value at $5,000 in a high-paced matchup.

Other Options – Jeff Green ($4,800), Chandler Parsons ($5,300)




Draymond Green ($9,600) – Green has been the ultimate grinder this season – very much a throwback to the days of Dennis Rodman in terms of energy & generating stats and points. Green is the greatest stats-filler in the history of daily fantasy right now, with the ability to rebound, shoot 3s, play defense & much more. There are a ton of good plays in this high-profile game and Green is among them.

Paul Millsap ($8,200) – Millsap has been one of the most consistent players in the league, averaging 40 DK points per night & being a regular triple-double threat. Millsap will be going up against Nikola Vuvevic, who is a dominant center in his own right & can body up against Millsap. The Magic’s defense is one of the best in the league, but Millsap has been dominant against all defenses this year. Safe play in cash games.

Other Options – Kevin Love ($7,100), Zach Randolph ($6,500)


Tristan Thompson – ($5,000) – In my opinion, Thompson is the best value forward for the entire evening on Monday night. He won’t be playing much against Draymond Green, so Thompson should be able to dominate in the rebounding, blocks & points in terms of getting double digits. The last 5 games have been a bit up and down with a ceiling of 39 & a floor of 11, but what could help TT is that possible foul trouble as the Warriors will most likely try to go right at Mozgov & Love to draw fouls early, forcing Thompson into heavier minutes than usual. I love him in tournament plays on Monday.

Other Options – Terrence Jones ($4800), Marvin Williams ($4,900), Patrick Patterson ($4,200)




Andre Drummond – ($8,900) Drummond is still one of the best centers in the NBA today & should definitely be an all-star this year. He is averaging 45.1 DK points per game, with ceiling of 59 & floor of 27. Drummond will be going against Pau Gasol, which could hurt the blocks stats because of Gasol’s ability to go out to the perimeter but on offense he should be able to eat Gasol and a rapidly aging Joakim Noah alive inside the paint and on the glass.

Pau Gasol – ($8,300) Gasol, Drummond’s opponent on Monday, is having a solid year averaging a double-double & 40 DK points each night. Drummond will be a big test for him, but should be able to stretch the floor when Drummond is covering and go inside when he draws Ilyasova. Gasol has strong upside on Monday and is a solid tournament play.

Other Options – Marc Gasol ($7,600), Nikola Vucevic ($7,200)


Mason Plumlee – ($4,900) – I guess I am a big fan of the effort guys for Monday’s slate. Plumlee is averaging 25 DK points per night & is always a threat for a double-double. His best possible matchup is Marcin Gortat, & Plumlee has more agility & quickness than Gortat. Plumlee is going to have a strong night against Washington, but there’s enough risk here that he’s better served as a tournament option.

Other Options – Jared Sullinger ($5,100), Jonas Valinciunas ($6,100)