There is only one game going on Thursday night, so tomorrow is the first night we’ve had in a while without any great daily fantasy NBA action. But if you just have to have yourself some Pacers and Bucks, there is still DFS action for you. Check out the $20K Crossover, which includes this game and the three on Friday. And that’s not the only one, so if the NCAA just isn’t giving you enough hoop on Thursday, don’t fret, we’re here for you. Good luck.

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NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Memphis Grizzlies

The problem with this one is the level of defense played by these two teams. But the thing is, someone has to score, at least in theory, and with the defenses keeping fantasy prices down, there could be some values here if you look hard enough. When virtually every started is priced under $7,500, someone is going to be underpriced.

Giannis Antetokounmpo – SF ($7,100) – I just love touting this kid. I keep recommending him and recommending him and watching his price grow… and still recommending him. $7,100 is not the highest this guy’s price tag can go, but even I will admit I might not have recommended him in this matchup. But for $7,100, he still has upside, considering he’s been at 36 or more fantasy points in each of his last five and has two games of 49 or more points in his last ten. He is averaging 18-9-3 with almost 2 blocks over the past ten games – that’s legit.

Khris Middleton – SG ($6,400) – These are the kinds of young athletic players that get a fan base excited, and for good reason. Middleton is averaging 1.5 steals a game on the season, the kind of sneaky defensive stat that really matters when a guy starts scoring to go along with it. He is averaging 15-4-4 for almost 29 fantasy points per game in his last ten.

George Hill – PG ($7,000) – The Bucks have done a good job defending opposing point guards this season, but Hill has taken 15 shots in each of his last three games, evidence of the fact that the Pacers just don’t have enough options on offense right now. Hill has always been a PG who looks for his own offense, and with this team, right now, that particular tendency is coming in handy.