A bit of a light slate of games on Monday night, but if you are looking for games to really focus on, I am looking at 4 in particular – Detroit at Cleveland, Golden State at Atlanta, Boston @ Minnesota & Phoenix at the Los Angeles Clippers. These games should be the most high scoring & in the Detroit/Cleveland matchup, has the ability to be higher pace, particularly with Detroit having gotten a bit softer on the front line and the Cavs have become much stronger lately under the coaching of Tyronn Lue.

With that said, let’s look at the player breakdown a bit deeper.




Stephen Curry ($10,700) – Curry is always a top pick in my book. The offense starts & ends with him each night & there isn’t a point guard in the league that can guard him for an entire 48-minute stretch. Play him in all formats, any night but especially in a game where the Warriors aren’t favored by 10+ points.

Chris Paul ($9,600) – Paul suffered a thigh injury on Saturday against Golden State but it looks to not be a big problem. With Blake Griffin still out right now, Paul is another case where he is leading the offense. Keep playing him during this stretch where his passing & individual scoring is going to be an even bigger role with Griffin out. Plus, Phoenix is absolutely terrible & could be looking at next season already.

Other Options – Kyle Lowry ($8,300), Isaiah Thomas ($7,800)


Ricky Rubio ($6,100) – Rubio is playing the point guard position at a high level this season & with the young talent that is really developing well in Minnesota this season, Rubio has been able to take hold of the leadership position with the T-Wolves & his game has developed to new heights. Boston is a good defensive squad but look for Rubio to get the ball into Towns & Wiggins consistently & Rubio’s own ability to get to the basket will keep Boston on their heels. Good play for tournaments.

Other Options –D’Angelo Russell ($4,500), Archie Goodwin ($6,000), Dennis Schroder ($5,500), Ronnie Price ($3,000)




Klay Thompson ($7,700) – Thompson has truly found his stroke this season and is now as dangerous a threat from outside as his teammate Curry. Thompson will get good looks against a mediocre Hawks defense at under $8,000, Thompson is a good option.

Khris Middleton ($7,200) – Middleton had an off-game against Atlanta on Saturday night, yet still had 33.5 DK points for the night. Middleton is having a solid season in a market where you probably wouldn’t pay attention if you didn’t play DFS & should have another big night against the terrible Lakers Monday. Middleton is a good cash or tournament game selection with his ability to shoot, rebound & throw in some assists.

Other Options – DeMar DeRozan ($7,500)


Andrew Wiggins ($6,300) – Wiggins is going to be playing in a high-pace game against Boston on Monday night, and with Wiggins having the skills to be one of the dominant shooting guards in the league, it should be a good night & great rest of the season. At $6,300, Wiggins is a no-brainer as a tournament pick as he could easily get passed over in lineups.

Kobe Bryant ($5,900) – Kobe playing at any time during the season, especially in road games now, means that he is going to shoot a ton & get a bunch of solid DK points due to the sheer fact that he has carte blanche to do whatever in wants in the Lakers offense. Win.

Other Options – Jamal Crawford ($5,600), Avery Bradley ($5,200), Kyle Korver ($4,400)




LeBron James – ($9,700) – James is always a great pick to me, the only reason I may balk on this one is because he is coming off of a tough victor against Oklahoma City yesterday. In a cash game, you are probably safe playing James, although I don’t know if this is going to be the game where he has a monster DK night.

Paul George ($8,400) – George has over 20 points in his last 5 games & along with being able to rebound, play defense & pass the way he can, he is a dangerous threat for the Pacers when they take on Miami. George has been a model of consistency with his ceiling of 52 & floor being 20 in the last 10 games. With PG13 being the focus of the Pacers offense, his numbers shouldn’t change much on Monday night.

Other Options – Giannis Antetokoumnpo ($7,100), Carmelo Anthony ($8,600)


Luol Deng ($5,800) – Deng is the epitome of a tournament-only player. In his last two games on Friday and Saturday, Deng put up 53 & 49 DK points respectively, however, in the games before that he had 2 of 4 games where he didn’t hit 20 DK points. At $5,800 Deng is not a bad option, but make sure your team around him is guaranteed to get you some solid points.

Marcus Morris ($5,500) – Morris is one of those players who doesn’t shoot very well, yet you have no idea how he is always around the 25-30 DK point range & helping fantasy owners win consistently. Morris is excellent as a rebounder, great passer & can get steals consistently. In a game where defense will be heavily relied upon in order to get turnovers into transition points, look for Morris to get involved on the defensive side early & rack up DFS points. Play in tournament formats.

Other Options – Kent Bazemore ($5,200), P.J. Tucker ($5,100), Wesley Johnson ($4,100)




Kristaps Porzingis ($7,000) – Porzingis has had an amazing rookie season & the last game against Minnesota was a blip on the radar. He was playing on the second night of a back-to-back after basically being off for a week due to the NBA All-Star Game. Porzingis is an effective primary scoring option now & with Carmelo Anthony seeing a good percentage of the tight defense most nights, look for Porzingis to have a strong effort against the Raptors with open shots & the chance to grab several rebounds & blocks.

Draymond Green ($8,900) – Green is the NBA’s version of a swiss army knife. He can literally do everything on the court. Saturday night he was the starting center due to Andrew Bogut & Festus Ezeli being out. And had his 11th triple-double of the season. Green has solidified himself as the best power forward in the game & as long has his shot is going down & getting opportunities to get the ball to the rim, expect a 50-60 point night from the Michigan State product.

Other Options – Paul Millsap ($8,100), Kevin Love ($7,300)


Jabari Parker ($5,900) – Parker has really turned up his game in the last 3 contests, going from 34 to 40 to 48 DK points, with the last two being career highs. This could go down very quickly, but for now, Parker is a good play in tournament games, especially going against the Lakers on Monday night.

Tristan Thompson ($5,500) – Thompson has 3 consecutive double-doubles in his last 3 games & has been a solid fantasy pick all season. The Pistons lost some front-court strength with losing Ilyasova so Thompson should be able to grab some rebounds & second chance points if Andre Drummond is occupied by Mozgov. Look for Thompson to get his big points on the defensive side of the ball in tournament games.

Other Options – Jordan Hill ($4,600), Julius Randle ($6,100), Jabari Parker ($5,900), Patrick Patterson ($3,900), Amir Johnson ($4,000)




Andre Drummond ($8,000) – Drummond is a monster and having possibly one of the best years a center has had in a long time. However, yesterday he was torched by Anthony Davis to the tune of 59 points & 20 rebounds. Drummond is going to be looking for a bounce back game in a big way. He has a great matchup against Mozgov & I could see Drummond having a massive DK game. His price has dipped a bit of late but the upside is still there, making him a strong tournament option.

Karl-Anthony Towns ($8,500) – Towns is going to be the NBA Rookie of the Year – hands down. He is playing incredibly well right now with 7 of the last 10 games over 40 DK points. He has a great matchup going against Jared Sullinger tonight & should have another dominant night, with many chances to score in transition as Boston will look to push the pace much more. Jusuf Nurkic torched the Boston interior defense last night and Towns is a far more polished player inside than Nurkic.

Other Options – DeAndre Jordan ($7,600), Hassan Whiteside ($7,400), Greg Monroe ($7,100)


Al Horford ($6,500) – Al Horford, no matter who the opponent is, is constantly scoring his usual 17-20 points & 7 rebounds. Horford is steady & he is a grinder in the post. Feel comfortable playing him in cash games, even against the Warriors.

Other Options – Jonas Valanciunas ($6,100), Myles Turner ($5,900), Jared Sullinger ($5,700), Ian Mahinmi ($5,000)