Today’s NBA Targets will break down the 14-game NBA slate. We will have a look at the studs, sleepers, and mid-range players you want to have rotating in your lineups.

Wednesday’s Contests

NBA $60K Sharpshooter – $3 Entry Fee

NBA $70K Crossover – $27 Entry Fee



Russell Westbrook @ MIN ($12,000) – Do I need to tell you how good this guy is? He’s worth every dollar of his $12 K price with how often he exceeds the 50-point fantasy mark, in case you wondering. You just have to be a tad frugal with how you build the rest of your DFS roster.


Reggie Jackson @ NY ($8,400) – I am a bit concerned with some of the more high-profile type players on Wednesday considering projected court-time, although Jackson should get plenty of minutes and get very close to a 35-point fantasy night.


Ray McCallum @ LAL ($5,000) – Over his last seven games McCallum has averaged 26.4 FPPG in a bit over 30 MPG. Expect to see McCallum exceed that mark with the best matchup of the night, netting a 30th OPRK facing the crusin-and-bruisin Lakers.

Greivis Vasquez vs. CHA ($4,600) – I’m a little bent out of shape that I can’t use C.J. McCollum here today, mainly because I wanted the tandem team of McCallum and McCollum… just because it would look bitchin’ in my lineup. Oh well, McCollum just had to get hurt last night, so that leaves Vasquez who isn’t a bad play. The value-potential excites me a bit. Not as exciting as the worst episode of Magnum P.I., but you get my point. The 24th OPRK attracts me enough at the $4.6 K price tag. Yay!




James Harden vs. UTA ($10,500) – Could Harden get some rest in the last regular season game of the season? I don’t think so. The Rockets haven’t been holding him back at all, and the Western Conference seeding isn’t set in stone. Harden is the best-of-the-best at SG on Wednesday. I’d  normally list all kinds of cool stats and numbers to support that fact, but I don’t wanna. So there.

Victor Oladipo @ BKN ($7,500) – In Oladipo’s last game out on Monday night, he racked up 50 fantasy points. Yow-za, huh? What I love about this guy is that he continually improved his game as the season wore on, especially with his defensive skills of late (i.e., – blocks and steals) while staying on target with his scoring, rebounds and assists.


Lou Williams vs. CHA ($5,700) – For under $6 K, you can nab Williams and his 31.3 FPPG average over his last four contests. Williams is 13-for-30 from beyond the arc over those games, and his 3-point shot is really the main reason to roster him.

Jabari Brown vs. SAC ($4,200) – Look-y, look-y, I’ve got a fantastic value for you. See? I do treat you right. Brown has thrived with the huge amount of minutes (42 MPG) he’s been getting over his last three games, considering all of the injuries the Lakers have suffered.




Kawhi Leonard @ NO ($8,400) – It’s a rough night for the SF slot, with all the injuries at the top of the list, including Rudy Gay, Gordon Hayward and Chandler Parsons. Still, you’ve got some nice plays to take advantage of, particularly Leonard. Look for him to get full minutes and meet his 35.5 seasonal FPPG average; although, the potential for more is obvious.


Andrew Wiggins vs. OKC ($7,000) – Can you say minutes-whore? Yep, that’s exactly what Wiggins has been this season. Plus, his 41.2 MPG over his last six? Sort of unreal to me. I love it. Dude has thrived this season and is my vote for Rookie of the Year honors.


Omri Casspi @ LAL ($5,600) – Is it a coincidence that Casspi’s numbers have gone up over the last couple of games? Not likely. Figure in the minutes and with the Kings fighting injury at the end of the season, Casspi is a smart play. He’s 15-for-29 over the same two games, averaging 44 FPPG. Lock him in!

Rodney Hood @ HOU ($5,500) – Hood sure took a nosedive last game out (Monday) facing the Mavericks, where he shot 2-for-11. I like Hood to bounce back, jumping up his weak 15.75 fantasy night. He’s well worth the risk at his salary, and the 21st OPRK hits home too.




Anthony Davis vs. SA ($11,000) – It’s do-or-die for Davis on Wednesday, where the New Orleans Pelicans must win for a shot at the playoffs. I say he shows up. I say he destroys. I say you better lock him in.

Pau Gasol vs. ATL ($8,500) – Gasol is shooting .500 (47-for-94) over his last six games, while averaging 11.2 RPG and 1.7 BLKPG. If you’re not sold on Davis going nuts, then go ga-ga for Gasol for $2.5 K less.


Robert Covington vs. MIA ($5,900) – Covington is about as underrated as they come. He’s netting 32.4 FPPG over his last five played – did you know? Well, you now you know. Covington gives you points, steals and some rebounds. Plus, dude can sink free throws (31-for-34 over his last five played).

Jason Thompson @ LAL ($4,700) – It’s hard to pass on any Kings player getting minutes, and Thompson is doing his part. He’s snagging minutes and fantasy points with DeMarcus Cousins out for the season. Thompson is one of the best values on the day, with his 30-plus FPPG average over the last four games.




Andre Drummond @ NY ($8,400) – There are some excellent C options to choose from on Wednesday, almost a “take your choice” deal-io, but I lean towards Drummond with his massive rebounding skills and 43.3 FPPG average over his last six games. Plus, you can count on Drummond playing the Pistons’ final game of the season.


Rudy Gobert @ HOU ($8,000) – If you’re not into playing Gobert, Brook Lopez would be a fine choice for a hundred bucks more. I just like Gobert’s larger ceiling potential. Look for the Jazz center to net 35-40 fantasy points.


Bismack Biyombo @ TOR ($5,400) – Biyombo slowed some last week, although he had a nice bounceback game on Monday. At this price range, there aren’t many centers I want in my lineup. Still, if you’re looking to save bucks here Biyombo will get the minutes.

Meyers Leonard @ DAL ($4,300) – LaMarcus Aldridge is out, or at least he’s expected to be (please check the news before game start), and Leonard is getting minutes. I wish we could count on more rebounds, but fantasy points are fantasy points. If Leonard gives me another 34.5 points like he did Monday, I’ll be geeked. I would only expect 25 points, however, which is well worth it at $4.3 K.


Good luck on Wednesday, this last wonderful day of the 2014-15 NBA regular season! Catch me on Twitter @TheRolyPolyBoy where I may sometimes answer your questions, but only if I really, really feel like it.