Some sports are event-based, meaning you sit and wait for a big moment where your player is given an opportunity to rack up fantasy points, sending you quickly up the leaderboard. And then there’s daily fantasy basketball on DraftKings. Daily fantasy basketball is a non-stop thrill ride from the time the first games tip off to the end of the night. Players rack up fantasy points in a hurry and there’s no major event, like a touchdown or home run, that defines a night. Your lineup earns points consistently over the duration of the night, which leads to a daily fantasy sweat unlike any other.

The roster layout for daily fantasy NBA on DraftKings is Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, Center, Guard, Forward and Utility. The Guard position can be filled by a second Point Guard or Shooting Guard. Likewise, the Forward position can be filled by any Small Forward or Power Forward. And the Utility position can be filled by any player.

For up-to-the-minute news, analysis and lineups, download the DK Live app, as news, injury reports and betting lines can change throughout the day. Value also unexpectedly can open up due to late lineup changes and late injury news, making it important to stay up to the minute with the DK Live app or DK Live desktop until lineups lock.

Why Should You Try Basketball?

There are a lot of things to love about daily fantasy basketball, but the tempo of the game is the biggest reason people are drawn to the sport. Watching your team score points as quickly as it does is a huge draw. With that, it also makes watching basketball more enjoyable. Seeing your player on the court as he drains a 3, steals a pass and comes back down the court with a beautiful assist is more than just a “wow” moment — it now means multiple fantasy points for your roster in just a few quick seconds.

Basketball makes the cut, for both casual basketball viewers and the more statistical types. Basketball is one of the most predictive sports because stats like minutes and shot attempts are basic ways find player value. The premise behind those two stats specifically is the same premise that drives almost every daily fantasy sport; opportunities equal fantasy points. Of course, they don’t always equal fantasy goodness, but in the NBA you view chances to be on the court (minutes) as the opportunity.

Minutes is one of many topics that will be discussed in the DraftKings NBA Training Camp. You’ll also find discussions on many of the tools you can find on the site to help make playing easy to pick up. Go through the entire Training Camp and you’ll range from the concept of estimating value in daily fantasy basketball players to managing your roster with DraftKings Guard, Forward and Utility positions. This will be your one-stop shop for daily fantasy basketball guidance.