5 Quick Hit NBA Targets for Friday Night

5. Damian Lillard $9400 @ Brooklyn

Aside from John Wall, he’s the cheapest of the Superstars and he’s got a stellar matchup with an absolutely abysmal Brooklyn team. More than anything it’s because he has been center-of-the-earths-core hot lately and is throwing up three pointers like they’re going out of style. He’s also been dangerously close to a triple-double in 3 of his last 4 games and is there anyone worse that tries less than the Nets? No. The answer is no.

4. Karl-Anthony Towns $6600 @Oklahoma City

Maybe I put too much faith in him but any child of Kevin Garnett is a friend of mine. Towns doesn’t look anything like a rookie and he’s earning his rebounds down low like a true big man. He’s been hovering around 14 field goal attempts per game the past two weeks and Enes Kanter does not have any idea what the word “defense” means. Hospital Joker Adams can hold his own in the paint but it’s gonna be a run n’ gun kind of game tonight. These young T-Wolves are hungry yo!

3. Danilo Gallinari $7200 @ Miami

He’s rebounding like a big man and getting to the free throw line like a guard. I’m not sure why his three point range is struggling so much but I’m still impressed with Danny G since his return from injury. 20 points in 6 straight games isn’t too shabby and despite the Heat being tough on small forwards I like the Nuggets at home. “Thin air makes you weak”- Avatar

2. Jabari Parker $5000 vs Atlanta

Jabari is a cheap pie-in-the sky but he could be awesome right? The Hawks stink against power forwards and this game is tied for the highest projected point total. He really should be a walking double-double every night but at least he usually finds a way to chip in with different categories. Someday the Bucks will actually figure out what position he is but until then let’s hope every possession of the game is a fast break.

1. Isaiah Thomas $7900 vs Phoenix

He always gets to the free throw line, he always shoots 3’s, and he absolutely HATES the Phoenix Suns. Doesn’t matter that it was a year ago, Isaiah will most certainly be out for blood tonight. The Suns stink against everyone, most especially Point Guards, and if his assist numbers remain up there’s no reason Thomas can’t hit 40-50 points. He plays every night like he has a grudge against everyone on the court and tonight he actually will. You won’t like the little green man when he’s angry…