Top 10 in NBA Double-Doubles but #1 in your heart, Kristaps simply can do no wrong. When the official NBA account is putting together mixtape highlights a MONTH into your career, clearly something is going very very right. And it’s not just the Association and Vine-fiends taking notice either… Porzingod just landed his 3rd marketing deal after signing with Body Armor yesterday!

Who knew all it took to take over the world was a handful of (really awesome) putback dunks huh? Now Kristaps is the new face of the NBA, Body Armor, Delta Airlines, and of course Shifman Mattresses. Shif might deserve all credit for this revolution actually, they are the sole reason KP has so much energy for MSG.

Also watching Godzingis sew a mattress together is hilarious but how about how kind he is to everyone? What a hecking guy!