BdotAdot5 is back again with one of his strongest videos to date. I was blown away with LOL’s the first time I saw this guy early in the summer but honestly the last few he put out were kinda stale. Just when I thought I was out…KG impressions pull me right back in.

The constant celebrating and chest pounding was exactly correct and I really loved the take on KG’s trash talk too. I could totally picture him taunting someone for not eating fried chicken with skin on it although the real life KG trash talk is probably a gazillion times more vile than that.

If ANYTHING IS truly POSSIBLE then there’s gotta be a Michael Jordan impression video coming out soon right? Not sure if that’ll come before or after the Greg Oden one but with how hard he is BALLLLLLLLLLLIN in China it could be sooner than we think… (or want)