BdotAdot has had an incredible summer impersonating the NBA’s biggest superstars. Before all this he was just some D-Leaguer with a couple of Twitter followers. It’s a credit to him because he’s been so damn good at all the eerie likenesses and at this point it looks like it’ll go on forever.

I’m all for it as long as he keeps on nailing it. Thought the Manu step and ridiculous fadeaway was definitely on point but it wasn’t as entertaining as the others. Maybe that’s what you get for impersonating a San Antonio Spur? Cue the Kobe Face!




BdotAdot better watch his back though… Kobe’s teammate Jordan Clarkson is coming for that internet impersonation shine brah..





Not bad, but he’s gotta work on the scowl more. ALL about the Kobe Face. And also making sure you pass to Kobe 24/7/365