We have a seven game slate for NBA DFS on Monday with some close games expected. We do not have too many huge totals here to exploit, which means game selection will be a deciding factor in who comes out on top of tournaments today.

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Chicago Bulls vs. Philadelphia 76ers

Over/Under: 196
Line: Bulls -7

This does not look like a great game to target for fantasy, but there should be a lot of plays here. Philly s one of the lowest scoring teams in the league, but they do have some decently priced options that have been very reliable in the early going. T.J. McConnell has become expensive, but Isaiah Canaan has outperformed his salary the last few games. With Covington out and Grant going down in the last game, Stauskas and Hollis Thompson should see minutes. Maybe even a few more for Noel at the 3. Okafor is still reasonably priced too. While his rebounding has been lacking, he has made value on points scored. If he ever grabs a few more rebounds, he could have some huge scores. On the bulls side, the front court is tough to pay up for when they are all seeing minutes. Even the backcourt duo of Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose are getting a little pricey. they have the advantage in this game, espcially Butler, so he would be the guy I would look to pay for.


– Jimmy Butler ($7900)
– Pau Gasol ($7300)
– Isaiah Canaan ($4300)
– Jahlil Okafor ($6300)

Orlando Magic vs. Indiana Pacers

Line: Pacers -3.5

The Pacers have been pretty good lately with Paul George looking like a superstar again. The Magic have payed without center Nikola Vucevic and have struggled. Vegas has been slow to put out a total due to the uncertainty around Vucevic. Centers have done well against the Pacers, so it’s no surprise that he would do well if he is in. The Pacers have a solid defensive unit and tend to play games with totals below 200. The Magic have been down there often as well, so I would not think this is the highest scoring game. We do have some solid matchups on both sides of the ball that might be something to exploit.


– Paul George ($8600)
– George Hill ($5900)
– Elfrid Payton ($5800)
– Dewayne Dedmon ($4600) *If Vucevic is out again

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Atlanta Hawks

Over/Under: 200
Line: Atlanta -9

Atlanta has been playing really well are it’s no wonder they are favored at home against a less talented Minnesota team. Despite the solid Hawks defense, we have a pretty high total here. That is because Minnesota likes to push the pace and is also not a great defensive squad. The Hawks are in a good spot here and are playing paced up. Most of them are overpriced, but a few make sense to use as outlined below. The Timberwolves will be getting a tick down here, so I would be more cautious with guys on that team in this one.


– Kent Bazemore ($4900)
– Paul Millsap ($7700)
– Andrew Wiggins ($6000)
– Karl-Anthony Towns ($7400)

Portland Trailblazers @ Denver Nuggets

Over/Under: 203
Line: Denver -2

This is expected to be a high scoring game that stays pretty close. It is also a matchup of two teams that play fast and are not great on defense. It is easy to see why Vegas has a high total and why this is a good game to target for fantasy. The Strength of the Blazers is in their backcourt. Lilliard is an all star and C.J. McCollum is one of the most exciting young payers in the league. Both guys are putting up some nice numbers and should continue to do so. For Denver, we have Muddiay, Barton, and Gallinari taking care of most of the scoring. They get a lot of minutes and shots, so that is where I would look. This could be a game with some nice scores from the mid-level talent. At least a few should be on your roster here.


– Will Barton ($4700)
– Emmanuel Mudiay ($6000)
– Damian Lilliard ($8500)
C.J. McCollum ($6500)

San Antonio Spurs @ Sacramento Kings

Over/Under: 207
Line: Kings -2

The Kings being favored in this one is a little bit shocking. What it does tell me is that Vegas expects Cousins to play. The Darren Collison injury may actually help the Kings as they looked better last game with Rondo running the show. They play fast with one of the top pace numbers in the league. They also allow a lot of points which could be good for the Spurs. The spurs are playing paced up here in this one. That’s music to Kawhi Leonard’s ears as he is easily the most talented offensive player they have. I would look for guys like Manu and Kawhi who strive in the open floor to have the biggest days here. It should remain close, so the starters should see full run.


– DeMarcus Cousins ($9800) *if in, if not, Koufas.
– Rajon Rondo ($6500)
– Kawhi Leonard ($8100)
– Manu Ginobili ($4200)

Memphis Grizzlies @ Los Angeles Clippers

Line: Clippers -4.5

Normally I would lean heavily towards the Clippers here, but certainly not with CP3 being banged up. Blake Griffin has stepped up in his absence, but it’s not how the Clippers want to go through the season. Memphis had a slow start but is picking it up a little. The health of the big men in Gasol and ZBo is paramount to their success. Mike Conley could have a huge game here if he does not have to face Chris Paul defense or if Paul is not 100%. We will have to wait until game time to get better information on whether that is the case.


– Blake Griffin ($9600)
J.J. Redick ($4500)
– Mike Conley ($6100)
– Marc Gasol ($6900)

Detroit Pistons vs. Golden State Warriors

Over/Under: 209
Line: Warriors -14

We should see a lot of points in this one as the Warriors are just insane on that end of the floor. The spread is creeping up, because they are also one of the most efficient defensive teams. The good news for Detroit here is that Bogut may be out. It should be a monster game for Andre Drummond against Festus Ezeli or Bogut in the post either way. He is averaging close to 20/20 so far. I still do not think that will be enough though as the Warriors have been putting up points on everybody lately. Steph is in another world right now and playing great. The rest of the offense is clicking as well. The big problem is there is only one ball and there is no doubt whose team this is. If Bogut is in, he is cheaper than Festus Ezeli at present. Monitor that situation carefully as it would be a major change. Drummond has been the best center in the league to date, so it’s worth monitoring.


– Andre Drummond ($9100)
– Marcus Morris ($6200)
– Stephen Curry ($10500)
– Harrison Barnes ($5200)