Toronto Raptors @ Washington Wizards

Over/Under: 207
Line: Wizards -2

This should be an entertaining game that features some great guard play. Lowry and DeRozan against Wall and Beal is arguably one of the better pairings we have in the league tonight. The big guys should be the key to who wins and loses this game. The pace is a little tough for me to figure. Toronto tends to play games that are a tad lower scoring as they are a solid defensive team and do not play at a breakneck speed. If anything I think that ticks down the Wizards a little bit. The Wizards are playing obnoxiously fast this year, so that ticks up the Raptors team a little bit as well. The 207 is likely to be the second highest total on the board today. This is definitely a game you want some exposure to on a small slate with limited options.


  • Luis Scola ($5100)
  • Kyle Lowry ($8500)
  • John Wall ($7900)
  • Bradley Beal ($6600)

Brooklyn Nets @ Cleveland Cavaliers

Over/Under: 200
Line: Cavaliers -10

This is probably the game I am least excited about on the day. Brooklyn is just not a good team. The Cavaliers are at full strength and that is an issue for upside as well. This should be a comfortable victory for the Cavs, which means a few less minutes for LeBron. In Fact they have allowed Kevin Love to be the main man for much of the early part of this season. Love is a guy who has played pretty well over the last few games and I would look for that to continue. The Nets entire offense tends to center around Brook Lopez. The matchup with Mozgov is not overly difficult, but the talent level difference in this game is pretty clear. The Cavs should have a lead and should win this one comfortably. The Stout defense makes Brooklyn players risky to roster and the slower pace and healthier bench for the Cavs take many of them out of play as well. It’s not the best game to target for fantasy upside on the day.


  • Kevin Love ($8300)
  • J.R. Smith ($5300)
  • Jarrett Jack ($6100)
  • Brook Lopez ($7300)

Atlanta Hawks @ San Antonio Spurs

Over/Under: 192
Line: Spurs -7.5

This should be an excellent game to watch as it pits student vs. teacher with the two coaches. It also pits the Spurs against the team called the Spurs of the eastern conference. Both teams are efficient on the offensive end and both teams play solid defense. I do not think either gets ticked up enough to have a serious advantage or pace uptick in this one. The total is low in this game and the spread is surprisingly high. We have quite a few stars that are expensive on both teams as well, so this is not the spot I would be looking to pay up for players. Some of the fringe starters like Korver and Parker still make some sense, but as much as I want to watch this game, I will not be using it heavily for fantasy purposes.


  • Tony Parker ($5500)
  • Kawhi Leonard ($8400)
  • Paul Millsap ($7800)
  • Kyle Korver ($4400)

Denver Nuggets @ Dallas Mavericks

Over/Under: 209
Line: Dallas -9

We should see a ton of points scored in this game and a lot of the guy who may do it are reasonably priced. Both of these teams are a mess this season. Dallas has a mismatch of players that all play the same position and role. That team is not one that fits together all that well. Still that collection of talent is a 10 pint favorite here, which says a lot more about the Nuggets than anything else. The Nuggets play fast and lack a lot on the defensive end. that is why Dallas is slated to score 109 in this one. While I think there is a chance this game stays a little bit closer, I do like a lot of the Mavericks at low prices with a huge uptick in output. Denver has also been cycling through some solid wing options recently. A lot of these guys are reasonably priced and worth a look in what is one of the better games to target for fantasy points on the day.


  • Danilo Gallinari ($6800)
  • Will Barton ($5600)
  • Wesley Matthews ($4200)
  • Deron Williams ($5800)

New Orleans Pelican @ Utah Jazz

Over/Under: 198
Line: Jazz -6

This could be one of the worst spots for fantasy points on the day. Utah is a solid defensive squad that does not usually play games in the 100s. New Orleans best player went down with another injury yesterday, so they could be playing short handed again. If Anthony Davis is out, this game may nt be close. It will however open up some value plays with guys like Ish Smith and Ryan Anderson having much higher usage rates. Utah’s slow pace and stingy defense do not make this an ideal spot, but the usage uptick may trump the downtick in pace. As for Utah, without Anthony Davis the Pelicans will have trouble stopping the inside duo of Gobert and Favors. Guys like Asik, Ajinca, and Anderson are not exactly known for their lock down defense. The total here is a tad higher than expected for a Jazz game, so we could see a few outperformances on that side of the ball.


  • Ish Smith ($6600)
  • Ryan Anderson ($6500)
  • Rudy Gobert ($6100)
  • Gordon Hayward ($6500)

Los Angeles Lakers @ Portland Trailblazers

Over/Under: 204
Line: Blazers -8

This is a nice spot for fantasy points on this slate. Portland plays fast and struggles on the defensive end. The Lakers also play fast and struggle even more on the defensive end. Neither team is good at guarding backcourts and all of the backcourt players in this one are in play. Neither team has a dominant or consistent frontcourt either, so we are pretty sure where the fantasy points will come from here. The total is pretty high and despite the large spread, I do not see this game turning into a blowout. That means both teams are in a good spot to see full run for the starters and both teams starters are in a good spot to put up some fantasy points. The Lakers are one of the worst at guarding point guards in the league and Damian Lillard is one of the best point men we have, so this could be a great spot for him to explode for one of his 30+ point games. The Lakers have a few guys who are pretty cheap and see big minutes, so the uptick in pace will help a lot of them get closer to their ceilings today as well. For what looks to be an ugly game between two struggling teams, we do have a few guys who make a lot of sense to target for fantasy purposes.


  • Jordan Clarkson ($5100)
  • D’Angelo Russell ($4800)
  • Meyers Leonard ($4200)
  • Damian Lillard ($9100)

Sacramento Kings @ Golden State Warriors


Vegas is slow to post a line here due to the uncertain status of Demarcus Cousins. Word is that he will play today, but I would want something a little more concrete before I rolled him out there. I honestly do not think it matters much whether or not he does, but it would for the usage rate of the other guys and who we would like to target. This one should be the highest scoring game on the day. Sacramento plays fast and the Warriors do too. This could be a 130 to 110 final score. If you think I am nuts, just look at the game logs for these two teams recently and tell me it is not probable. Their is always low out risk with the Warriors on the floor, but they also have the ability to score close to 100 points in three quarters and pay off their price tags. In a game where the Warriors are actually paced up a little bit, it could be a scary return on investment even if the starters sit most of the fourth quarter.


  • Andre Iguodala ($5200)
  • Stephen Curry ($10900)
  • Rajon Rondo ($9300)
  • Marco Belinelli ($4300)