As of now we have an 8 game slate for tonight’s NBA DFS action. The only game that might be in doubt due to the weather right now is the Charlotte Hornets hosting the New York Knicks. I have not heard anything about it being canceled yet, but check the reports before game time to make sure. You can not afford to take zero’s on a roster and win if it does get called off. Here are the matchups and some thoughts on each game.

Note: Utah at Washington and Boston at Philadelphia have already been canceled

Bucks at Pelicans

Over/Under: 205
Line: Pelicans -5

If you are shocked by the spread at first glance, you are not alone. I was surprised to see Vegas have the lines where they are too, but after taking a deeper look it started to make sense. Since AD came back from injury, the Pelicans have won four of their last five while averaging just shy of 110 points a game and giving up just over 100. They get a Milwaukee team on the tail end of back-to-back on their home floor for this one while coming off a day of rest. Milwaukee has also been god though as they have won 4 of their last 6, scored a little over 100 on average and holding opponents to low 90s. As far as pace goes, I would think this one would be hot. New Orleans may be paced down a tad here and a slight bump goes to Milwaukee, but I think it’s an overall good spot for both teams. Milwaukee has struggled to guard bigs, so I like Brow a lot in this matchup. New Orleans has had trouble with point guards and Centers, which would point to MCW and Monroe here. Both of those guys have seen less minutes lately though, so it’s not a slam dunk play to look their way. Giannis and Middleton have been the solid producers for the Bucks recently and the safest minutes as well. With a total of 205, the one thing I do expect is a decent amount of fantasy goodness.


  • Anthony Davis ($10000)
  • Tyreke Evans ($7700)
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo ($7400)
  • Khris Middleton ($7300)

Knicks at Hornets

Over/Under: 198
Line: Hornets -1.5

The Knicks have alternated winning and losing streaks of a few games lately, but what has been consistent is them giving up more points. They have allowed opponents to score over 100 in 6 straight games, sometimes outscoring them and sometimes not. Charlotte has also allowed opponents to crack the century mark in their last 5 games, but they lack the offensive firepower right now to get into shootouts. With Nic Batum on the shelf, Big Al and his backup Cody Zeller joining him their, and guys like Lamb going in and out of the lineups, it is easy to see why they are struggling a little. Kemba Walker has been unreal lately, but how long can he continue to put an entire team on his back and carry them? He scored 40 and 52 in the two recent wins, been when he settled for a mere mortal 20 point average in the other 3 games they managed to lose by an average of ten points. The Knicks on paper should not have a good DvP against PGs with Jose Calderone, but somehow it has not been a good spot to roll out opposing triggermen. On the flip side, we should have the Knicks frontcourt dominate the Hornets. Melo, Porzingis, and a very sneaky good Robin Lopez lately should have the advantage over Spencer Hawes, Marvin Williams, and however they decide to handle the SF role here. The spread is close, but the total is low so I think you need to be careful going too heavy on this game.


  • Carmelo Anthony ($8300)
  • Kemba Walker ($8300)
  • Marvin Williams ($4900)
  • Spencer Hawes ($3600)

Grizzlies at Timberwolves

Over/Under: 193
Line: Grizzlies -3

The big news for me here is the health status of Marc Gasol. If Gasol is out, this game could get ugly. Minnesota has a plethora of real big bodies they can throw out there, and without Gasol you are looking at only JaMychal Green and Zach Randolph for the Grizzlies. As far as the perimeter players go, I think it’s close but give the nod to the Timberwolves there too. Conly has the best matchup vs. Rubio and that is an advantage for the Grizzlies. Wiggins is in a great spot against Allen or Barnes or Jeff Green in one wing spot, and the other wing will likely be manned by Shabazz Muhhamad who has played very well recently. The low total makes this a game to avoid for me, although I think the Timberwolves big men could have a solid game if Gasol is out. If KG, Pekovic, Towns, and Dieng are all healthy though, the minutes might not be super high for any of them.


  • Karl Anthony-Towns ($7000)
  • Shabazz Muhammad ($4400)
  • Mike Conley ($6300)
  • Zach Randolph ($6100)

Bulls at Cavaliers

Over/Under: 201.5
Line: Cavs -11

Cleveland has been rolling through all of their opponents, with the exception of the Golden State Warriors. That lose was a big blow as it led to the firing of Blatt and the ascension of Tyronn Lue to the head job. Cleveland is defensively solid and they score enough to win games which are usually seeing totals right around 200, like they do today. Chicago is one of the teams many think have the best chance to stop the Cavs from reaching the finals again. Derrick Rose is playing well, Jimmy butler continues to be a star, and Pau Gasol is handling business in the post. While this is all true, Chicago has dropped 6 of their last 8 games and are struggling to stop people. This game favors the Cavs who are paced up and facing a weak defense. I would be cautious about having a lot of Chicago exposure as they are predicted to score fewer points than usual and face a solid defensive squad.


  • LeBron James ($9700)
  • Kevin Love ($7200)
  • Jimmy Butler ($8500)
  • Derrick Rose ($5800)

Hawks at Suns

Over/Under: 207
Line: Hawks -11

Phoenix was not a good team when the whole roster was healthy. Right now, they are the furthest thing from healthy. Bledsoe is out for an extended period, but recently Jon Leuer, Markieff Morris, TJ Warren, and Brandon Knight have joined him. That means we may see Archie Goodwin, Devin Booker, PJ Tucker?, and the twin towers of Len and Chandler as the starting five. That is not a good NBA five to throw out there. The Hawks should win this one easily, and the only concern is how much run the starters do get. Phoenix is pacing up teams they play and are bad defensively, so it may not matter as some of these guys can still go off in only 3 quarters of work. We will see a lot of value from the cheap Suns players and Atlanta should be able to score at will here. If the Suns can keep it close, we should see some monster stat lines from Atlanta and some useful value plays from Phoenix.


  • Devin Booker ($5000)
  • Alex Len ($4400)
  • Paul Millsap ($8400)
  • Kyle Korver ($4500)

Pistons at Nuggets

Over/Under: 207
Line: Nuggets -3

Detroit is a tough team for me to figure out. They beat the Warriors by twenty and then drop games to Chicago and New Orleans by a combined 26 points. What I do know is this game has a high total and Denver has a suspect defense, so that should mean a good spot for the Pistons to dominate. Denver is another team that is tough to figure. Mudiay is seeing huge minutes at the point with Nelson out, so that is good. Gallinari is the main weapon, with Barton being up and down depending on his minutes and Gary Harris being a reasonable option cause he is getting a ton of minutes. Kenneth Faried is always a wildcard. He can go for 40 as easily as he can struggle to reach 20. Their should be some fantasy upside in this game, but both teams are tough to nail down where it will come from.


  • Kenneth Faried ($5900)
  • Emmanuel Mudiay ($5800)
  • Andre Drummond ($8900)
  • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope ($5800)

Lakers at Blazers

Over/Under: 207
Line: Trailblazers -11

Blazers are -11 in this game, which only goes to show you how bad the Lakers really are right now. LA has one win in their last ten games and only cracked the century mark in two of those. It’s easy to see why Vegas has the line where it is. Portland has looked much better since Lillard returned from injury. They have won 4 of the last 6 and have averaged over 100 points scored while doing so. Neither team here is known to be solid on the defensive end, so we could see some nice stat lines. Everyone has been scoring and at almost all positions against both teams, so choose your favorite studs and roll with them. The Value is probably in the frontcourt with guys like Myers Leonard seeing more minutes and being cheap for Portland, and Randle or Bass getting more minutes with Nance out for the Lakers. I’m not sure this one gets as ugly as Vegas predicts, but I can not see the total being that far off either, so we should get a ton of points here.


  • Damian Lillard ($9200)
  • Meyers Leonard ($4000)
  • Brandon Bass ($4100)
  • Julius Randle ($5600)

Pacers at Kings

Over/Under: 215.5
Line: SAC -3

There is no line yet on this game due to some injury concerns, but it is going to be a highly targeted game today anyway. Both teams have played a good pace lately and neither is defensively sound at the moment. The Pacers are certainly without Mahinmi and Stuckey with George Hill also being doubtful. That means we see more Point Monta Ellis and more minutes for the sensational Joseph young of Oregon Duck fame. Young has been quietly putting up solid fantasy scores nightly with his increased role, so he needs to be looked at. Paul George has struggled and is still pricey, but this is a paced up game he could do well in. Rondo probably has a solid matchup if Hill is out. He should do well here. DeMarcus Cousins has been awesome lately and is probably the top pay up option aganst a team that has not stopped big men all season. Omri Casspi is another interesting option. He had seen less minutes since returning from injury, mostly cause Willie Cauley-Stein did too and was playing well. With Rudy Gay out though, Casspi saw more minutes and produced. If that is the case again here, we could have a repeat of his 30+ point performance from last game. I would also be negligent in my duties if I did not mention Myles Turner for the Pacers. The Rookie big man has looked great in three straight after coming off the injury list not too long ago. He is starting to see more minutes, especially with Mahinmi out, so he is a viable option to consider.


  • Myles Turner ($4100)
  • Joseph Young ($3600)
  • DeMarcus Cousins ($10700)
  • Omri Casspi ($6000)