Check out a quick breakdown of all two of the games on Thursday’s NBA slate before we get to the All-Star festivities. We’ll take a look at the Vegas lines and totals and recent trends, and name a few players from your limited choices you can be targeting for your lineups.

Washington Wizards @ Milwaukee Bucks

Over/Under: 211

Line: Bucks -1.5

Both of these teams would be on the outside looking in if it were the playoffs coming up this weekend and not the All-Star game. Most experts’ lists in the preseason would have at least one of these two in the top eight in the East, and it’s not out of the question one of them could make up enough ground in the second half to claim one of those final spots. They’re both going to be looking to head into the break on a high note that might help set the tone for how they start back up again next week.

The last time these two faced off against each other, it was Beal’s first game back from injury, and Wall led the way to a W with 19 points and 8 assists. But in that game, Wall, Beal, Garrett Temple and Ramon Sessions combined for 56 points. And now with almost all of that production being split up between Wall and Beal, the both have the potential for a big game. Beal’s potential and his price tag combine to make him a better cash game option but either of these guys could help you win a tournament. The Bucks are coming off a 1 point win against the Celtics that they almost gave away. They were up 19 earlier in the game, and if they had given up that final bucket, it would have been six losses in a row. Giannis and Middleton both occasionally make for good fantasy options, but have enough games in the mid-20’s or less to make them too much of a risk for cash games, for me. Nevertheless, there is definitely potential for them both to produce in this matchup.


– John Wall ($10,000)
– Giannis Antetokounmpo ($7,100)
– Khris Middleton ($6,900)
– Bradley Beal ($6,500)

New Orleans Pelicans @ Oklahoma City Thunder

Over/Under: 220.5

Line: OKC -11.5

The Pelicans will be wrapping up the second half of a back-to-back with this one, coming off a 100-96 win over Utah last night. They got that behind 19 points from Davis and 21 from Jrue Holiday. These two teams faced off once earlier in the year, and the Pelicans lost, but neither of those two guys were active. So honestly, what chance did they stand? But even with them both, those 40 combined points are not likely going to be enough against the Thunder. Luckily for New Orleans, for all of OKC’s strength’s, they have no one who matches up well against Davis’ combination of strength and length. He has been on a run lately with 40+ DK FP night in and night out, and they will need at least that to try to earn a W.

Even 25-15 might not do it, though, with the way Westbrook and Durant have been playing. With the Thunder currently on a 13-2 run in their last fifteen games, you might think they would have more useful fantasy options, but with two guys combining for 58 points, 19 boards and 15 assists, how much more production is there to go around if you’re splitting it between the rest of an NBA roster? If you have to choose one of them, I know there were some injuries in that last game they played, but Westbrook did finish 43 points, if you’re looking for a tiebreaker.


– Russell Westbrook ($11,200)
– Kevin Durant ($10,400)
– Anthony Davis ($9,700)
– Jrue Holiday ($6,800)