We have a nine game slate to look at here on Monday for NBA DFS. Sacramento/Washington, Charlotte/Houston, and The Clippers/Thunder games are likely to be the biggest totals we see and all should remain somewhat close. Those are the top targets for fantasy. Let’s take a look at each game and discuss some of the top fantasy options to put on our radars.

Sacramento Kings @ Washington Wizards

Over/Under: 215
Line: Wizards -3

This game features the largest total on the day and is expected to stay close. That alone makes it a good spot to target for fantasy purposes. Both teams play at a high pace and both have the usage concentrated in a few high priced options, so we know where the production should come from. This is one of the best games to target on the day for fantasy value. Sacramento has looked good lately. Since switching to a new school lineup with Gay and Casspi at the forward spots to stretch the floor, they have been winning games. The Wizards have suffered some injuries lately and they have not been winning. Bradley Beal was a big loss, but it hurts to not have guys like Otto Porter and Nene Hilario as well. It has led to consolidated fantasy scores for much of the rest of the team though. This game should feature some of the better stat lines on the day, so you want to make sure you have some exposure.


Demarcus Cousins ($10000)
Rajon Rondo ($8600)
John Wall ($9500)
Marcin Gortat ($6400)

Orlando Magic @ New York Knicks

Over/Under: 196
Line: Knicks -2

This is a slower paced game that is not the best or worst spot to target for fantasy goodness. The Knicks are currently riding a four game win streak. They are scoring in the 105 range and giving up just shy of 100. This is a tad higher scoring and points allowed number then we usually see from them. Orlando has also been good lately as they have won 9 of their last 13. When they limit opponents under 100, they have been on the winning end more often than not. Orlando is the tougher team to nail down fantasy production. Vucevic and Payton have been good lately, but guys like Harris and Oladipo have had good and bad games to go along with them. For the Knicks, the predominate amount of fantasy points seems to be coming from guys like Melo and Porzingis who have really carried the load for them. Those would be the guys I would look to if wanted exposure to this game, but it is not the best game to target for this slate.


Arron Afflalo ($4900)
Carmelo Anthony ($8400)
Elfrid Payton ($6300)
Nikola Vucevic ($7100)

Minnesota Timberwolves @ Boston Celtics

Over/Under: 205
Line: Celtics -8

The Celtics have dropped five of their last eight, while the Wolves have done the same in eight of their last eleven. Neither team is playing their best basketball right now. Both teams are playing higher scoring games though, so we could see quite a bit of fantasy goodness here. Minnesota has struggle to stop point guards and Isiah Thomas has put up some huge games recently. That would be the one spot for Boston I would definitely look for production out of. The Wolves have started shuffling around their big man rotation as well. With Townes and Gorgui both getting minutes, the Wolves have relied on the bigs to keep them in recent games. The Celtics are a big favorite here and we should see a hot pace. I would no go overboard, but exposure to this game does make sense on this slate.


Jared Dudley ($5800)
Isaiah Thomas ($7700)
Gorgui Dieng ($5300)
Karl Anthony-Towns ($6900)

Charlotte Hornets @ Houston Rockets

Over/Under: 209
Line: Hou -2.5

This is another really solid spot to target for fantasy production. The Hornets have actually looked a little better since losing big Al Jeffereson a few games ago. They are playing faster and much better defensively, which could mean a tougher than expected spot for the Rockets tonight. The Rockets are another team that loves to play fast and they seem to be getting their stuff together with some big recent wins. The total in this one is nearing 210 and the pace factor definitely ticks up the Hornets more. We have a lot of mid=ranged price players that make sense to take a look at in this game. Guys like the ones mentioned below will not break the bank, but have the chance for outsized returns in this matchup.


Jeremy Lin ($5200)
Nicolas Batum ($7500)
Dwight Howard ($7200)
Trevor Ariza ($6000)

Portland Trailblazers @ Atlanta Hawks

Over/Under: 204
Line: Atlanta -6

Portland plays fast and is very porous on the defensive end. Atlanta also plays at a good clip, but they use a lot more players and for a lot more time than most of their opponents do. This could be a solid game for the Hawks and I would rather loo at them, than look at Portland. Portland’s main weapons are the backcourt, but neither option is a good value anymore, especially in this matchup. The Hawks have been known to put up some big numbers and Portland is not known for stopping someone from doing so. The Blazers defense has been an achillies heel for years and I do not see that changing for this matchup.


Al Horford ($6600)
Kyle Korver (44300)
Al-Farouq Aminu ($5100)
CJ McCollum ($6900)

Brooklyn Nets @ Chicago Bulls

Over/Under: 195
Line: Bulls -10

This is the one game I am likely to stay away from all together for fantasy purposes. The Total is one of the lower ones at 195, the spread is one of the higher ones at double digit levels and climbing. Chicago has started to heat up lately and the Nets are just not that good. The NEts only have 7 wis on the entire season and are in the midst of another five game slide right now. This should be an easy victory for the Bulls and my biggest fear is that the higher priced players may not get their full run. I will be avoiding this game like the plague and think that is the best strategy for this evening’s slate.


Pau Gasol ($7600)
Joakim Noah ($5400)
Brook Lopez ($6700)
Jarrett Jack ($6600)

Indiana Pacers @ San Antonio Spurs

Over/Under: 195
Line: Spurs -9

A lot of the things I just said about Chicago/Brooklyn will also apply here to San Antonio and Indiana. San Antonio is rolling right now. They are holding teams under 90 and reaching up near 110 o a consistent basis. They are deep and not afraid to use the whole bench. They are slated to win this game going away and the biggest concern is how much playing time the starters get. On the flip side, Indiana has been streaky. They run off three or four wins in arow and then turn around and do the same to the downside. Paul George is the main option without a doubt, but the supporting cast has been erratic at best. George Hill has taken a step back. Guys like Monta Ellis, Rodney Stucky, and CJ Miles are also nice pieces, but none of them are uber consistent. The Spurs have been so good lately and are rolling over inferior opponents right now. I can not see this game turning out any different.


Kahwi Leonard ($8500)
Tony Parker ($5100)
Paul George ($9200)
Jordan Hill ($5000)

Phoenix Suns @ Utah Jazz

Over/Under: 200
Line: Jazz -4

This is a sneaky good spot for fantasy purposes. With Gobert out, the Utah totals have slowly creeped up. Phoenix plays fast and normally has some of the higher totals anyway. 200 may not seem like a ton of points, but it’s 10 or more about Utah’s average spread against other teams to give perspective. That makes me really like the guys on Utah who do the scoring. Guys like the bevy of win players they roll in and out of the lineup. On the other side, I do not think we need to be as scared of using guys against Utah as we do when Gobert is 100%. The whoe team should be low owned. They do have clear usage from a few guys, but the price tags on that bunch are not friendly to your budget. I would want some Utah exposure as they are paced up, but have yet to find a guy on Phoenix I really like to play that side of the game.


TJ Warren ($4500)
Eric Bledsoe ($8400)
Gordon Hayward ($6900)
Rodney Hood ($4500)

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Los Angeles Clippers

Over/Under: 208
Line: Thunder -1.5

I mean this is the crown jewel of the evening as far as watchability goes. Russ Westbrook and Durant against a Chris Paul led Clippers squad with Blake and DeAndre sounds like appointment television to me. This game should be very high paced and I would not be shocked to see them smash that total. OKC has averaged easily over 100 in recent games and the Clippers have both gotten there and allowed opponents to do so often as well. The matchups are polar opposites, so it will be interesting to watch has it plays out. The Clippers have an advantage inside, while the Thunder have the matchup on the perimeter. We do have a lot of high priced suds in this game, so stacking it will be tough. I think you will have to pick and choose a few guys though, because this game should feature too many points to ignore it completely.


Russell Westbrook ($10400)
JJ Redick ($4800)
Chris Paul ($8100)
DeAndre Jordan ($6900)