We have a decent sized slate with 8 games on Monday. These slates are perfect, because you do not have twelve games to manage, but there is enough choices that the overlap is not crazy high. We will have a few highly owned options. A lot of those guys tend to be due to late breaking news, so make sure you monitor the injury reports for any last minute announcements about guys sitting out. That alone will help you build higher scoring rosters. Let’s check out some of the guys who we should be looking at and which games make the most sense to target.

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Boston Celtics @ Miami Heat

Over/Under: 193
Line: Miami -5

Boston has been one of the fastest paced teams in the league, but they have had a little bit of trouble scoring lately. Miami is one of the slower paced and more defensive minded teams in the league. When you put those two facts together, it makes sense why this is one of the lower totals we have seen recently on a Boston game. Boston is being paced down here and the whole team is a tad expensive, so they are not the best place to target for fantasy points on the day. Miami is playing without Luol Deng, which means a few extra minutes for all the wing players. They are also playing up in pace, which is a spot we do like to target for our fantasy rosters. Miami is favored here and the total is pretty low. They are the paced up team here, so that is probably where you want to have exposure to this game if you wanted to have exposure at all.


  • David Lee ($3600)
  • Jared Sullinger ($6400)
  • Gerald Green ($4000)
  • Dwayne Wade ($6700)

Houston Rockets @ Detroit Pistons

Over/Under: 197
Line: Detroit -4

This is a tough spot for the Rockets. They are playing on the road and they are down in pace. Most of their team is a tad pricey now and they are healthy, so no one is getting any extra minutes. Howard is likely to play tonight and that gives us a nice center matchup with him and Drummond. Both guys are plays many use often in daily fantasy, but I do not think it is the ideal spot for either here today. James Harden is back to his old role of ball dominator and that is a good thing for his fantasy prospects. We do not have many guys in this game who project to outplay their price tags at the high end. Some of these cheap guys who are getting more minutes make the most sense to use. This is another game that does not exactly scream fantasy points, so I would be ok with minimal exposure to it on the day.


  • Clint Capela ($5100)
  • James Harden ($10300)
  • Andre Drummond ($8900)
  • Stanley Johnson ($3600)

Denver Nuggets @ Milwaukee Bucks

Over/Under: 200
Line: Mil -3

This is a game where we could see some nice fantasy statlines come up, if you can figure out who these coaches are going to be giving playing time to. Both teams play fast and have been a little worse on defense this year. Denver has a few injuries which leave them short-handed and the prices are reasonable on most of the Nuggets. The big injury I would look at is Gary Harris. It’s not a huge loss, although he has played well, but it will open up more minutes for a guy like Will Barton if he is ruled out. Milwaukee has been messing with their guard rotations recently. Monroe and Antetkounmpo are solidified in the lineup, but guys like MCW, Bayless, Middleton, and even OJ Mayo now have seen their minutes bounce around every game. MCW has not been playing the fourth quarter of games recently and Bayless has even snagged his starting PG role. Trying to figure out who Jason Kidd is going to play on a daily basis is a problem for fantasy players. I do think we see some good stat lines from this game, but it’s not easy to pinpoint who to target.


  • OJ Mayo ($4000)
  • Jerryd Bayless ($4900)
  • Danilo Gallinari ($6800)
  • Will Barton ($5600)

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Atlanta Hawks

Over/Under: 211
Line: Oklahoma City -2

This is an incredibly high total for a Hawks game, so that has to tick up all the starters over there. The spread is close so we should see full run for the best players here, which is good in terms of helping them pay off their price tags. OKC has two players who dominate the usage rate for them, so that is the extent of where I would look on that side. In a high scoring game that is expected to be close, you really only have two viable guys for fantasy that you can expect to have the ball here. With Splitter doubtful and this likely to be a close game, I think the major tick up in minutes played goes to the two Atlanta big men. This game has one of the highest totals on the day and is expect to remain close. The stars should all shine brightly in this one.


  • Kevin Durant ($9900)
  • Russell Westbrook ($10600)
  • Paul Millsap ($7700)
  • Al Horford ($6400)

San Antonio Spurs @ Chicago Bulls

Over/Under: 190
Line: San Antonio -3

As good as the last game was for fantasy purposes, this one is almost the exact opposite. Both teams face solid defensive squads and both teams are being paced down a little bit by their opponents. San Antonio has been especially stingy on defense this year, so paying up for any Bulls player today is very hard to stomach. On the other side the Spurs spread it around so much that pinpointing whose turn it is to put up numbers has become a challenge as well. Maybe some guys in this game do come up big today, but with all the defense that will be played in this game and a total at 190, I will be looking elsewhere for guys to put in my lineup.


  • Tony Parker ($5400)
  • Tim Duncan ($6000)
  • Derrick Rose ($5900)
  • Nikola Mirotic ($5700)

Golden State Warriors @ Utah Jazz

Over/Under: 200
Line: Golden State -7

This is an interesting match up. You have the best offensive team in the league facing arguably the best defensive team in the league. The Warriors are still favored by seven and expected to score over 100 points, so I would not shy away completely, but this is not likely to turn into a twenty point game at the end of the third quarter like many before it have. That is actually a good sign, because we have not seen many games where the Warriors starters actually needed to play much in the fourth quarter. As for Utah, we have to take a look in their direction as well. The starters should see big minutes and this is one of the highest total they will see all year. I think this could be a big game for Steph Curry. Everyone worries about the interior defense of Gobert and Favors, but unless they are playing at the three point line today, I’m not really sure how that matters much to him. Sure Steph goes to the hole, but many times he penetrates, draws, and dishes it off. I think he could have a 30 point, 10 assist game pretty easy here in a good matchup.


  • Steph Curry ($10800)
  • Draymond Green ($7700)
  • Alec Burks ($5100)
  • Rudy Gobert ($6300)

Dallas Mavericks @ Sacramento Kings

Over/Under: 214
Line: Dallas -2.5

This is a game that will likely help win someone a lot of money tonight. Dallas and Sacramento both play fast paces. They are pretty evenly matched, so the game should remain close. They also put up a ton of points and this is the highest total game on the day. Unlike some other teams, we know where the fantasy points are coming from on Sacramento. Rondo has been a double double machine lately with his assists totals creeping into the mid=teens daily. Cousins gets huge usage if and when he is available to play. If he is out again, it ticks up Rondo and puts value guys like Bellinelli, Casspi, and Koufas in play with the added minutes and usage they will see. With JJ Barea out as well, we see consolidated minutes for some of the guards on the Mavericks team. Deron Williams has upped his game lately and is the main one to benefit. The other guy worthy of note is Zaza Pachulia. He has 40+ fantasy points in 3 of his last 5, so that is something we need to be aware of. When he sees 30 minutes, he can really put up some fantasy points, especially if he is not going up against Cousins today who may still be sitting out.


  • Deron Williams ($6100)
  • Zaza Pachulia ($5900)
  • Rajon Rondo ($9000)
  • Kosta Koufos ($5100)

Portland Trailbazers @ Los Angeles Clippers

Over/Under: 206
Line: Los Angeles -7.5

This is a solid game to look at for fantasy scores, although I fear it could turn into a bit of a blowout with Portland on the road. Portland plays at a fast pace and lacks defensive chemistry and effort on the perimeter. I’m not putting all the blame on Lilliard, because McCollum is not exactly locking anyone down either. This should be a solid spot for a guy like Chris Paul. It should also be a good one for Blake as the Blazers really do not have an answer for him at all. When looking at the matchups, these two teams do not really profile well against each other. The better way to say that is, the Blazers do not matchup well with the Clippers. That is why I think there is a little bit of blow out risk associated with this one.


  • Chris Paul ($8700)
  • Blake Griffin ($9100)
  • Damian Lilliard ($9400)
  • Myers Leonard ($4200)