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The Clippers stuck it big and landed Paul Pierce — the SF they’ve been coveting for years.


Pierce obviously took a pretty significant discount seeing he was set to make $6.6 million next season in D.C. It makes a lot of sense, though. The deal reunites him with Doc Rivers and allows Pierce to finish his career in his hometown. It also means we won’t be seeing him in green again, which I’ll admit I was hoping for. There’s always room in the front offices here in Boston, however. 

Scratch the Lakers off the list when it comes to LaMarcus Aldridge.

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LMA still favors the Spurs, but we can’t rule out the Rockets, Mavericks or Suns to this point.

We’re up over a billion dollars, guys. Here’s a nice quick recap of all final deals:

The Suns have now come in hot as one of the surprise teams. With Brandon Knight already secured long-term, Tyson Chandler has committed and they’re using him as bait for bigger fish. (And now we know why the Suns got Tyson. According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, Chandler will get $52 million over four years. Quite a bit for a 32-year old center).  


Kevin Love has officially announced his return to Cleveland. “We have unfinished business,” Love said in his own piece on the Player’s Tribune. Also said he realized he wanted to return when watching Game 1 of the Finals on the bench.


The Cavs may be spending a LOT of money on the PF position this summer. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, helped themselves in the playoffs financially as much as Tristan Thompson.
  Previous reports suspected this, but now Woj makes it official.
(Jimmy Butler now official). Early reports were that Jimmy Butler wanted to sign a shorter contract and bet on himself once again so that he could cash in when the new TV deal comes. But when this kind of money is put in front of you … well. He did a GREAT job playing out the season for a bigger deal. 
The Lakers have big plans, as we all expected. Don’t see any of these working out for them, though. Especially Wade. How the heck is that a fit? Spurs making MOVES to go after Aldridge, as expected. Sounds like both sides prefer each other and this is going to get done. What a move it would be.
This was my favorite landing spot for him in my free agent destination post. Why? Carroll was going with the money.
Now the Hawks have the room to bring back Paul Millsap if they want to. 4-years/$80 million is hefty, though.Here’s the first stunner of free agency for me.

So let me get this straight. The Magic want to let 22-year old Tobias Harris sign with another team (totally fine with me by itself), but they want to replace him by spending $80 million on a 30-year old!? Orlando is currently building a pretty nice young core. No clue what they’re thinking. If Millsap does choose Orlando, the east will become even more wide open with last season’s top seed losing a top player. If he does return to Atlanta, you can kiss DeMarre Carroll goodbye. Much like Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard is cashing in on a rather large extension to stay with the team that drafted him (both from the 2012 draft class).

(DFS spoiler: With Aldridge gone, this dude is going to FILL IT UP next season. Portland won’t make the playoffs, but Lillard will be next level good.) Here’s a classic case of likely overpaying now, but should be a good deal once the cap rises. Middleton had a breakout season, but this is a big-time contract (similar to the one Brandon Knight will get with the Suns).

There were rumors that LeBron really wanted the Cavs to land this guy. I guess LBJ doesn’t always get everything he wants.

Goran Dragic got Kawhi money from the Heat …
… Now the big question is if they can bring back the mayor, Mr. Wade.I really don’t see this as an option, but the Blazers are starting to accept the fact they need to replace Aldridge. Some late night meetings have wrapped up. We’ll see if anything comes of it in the morning, but seems like these guys will hear out more teams before making decisions.
Monta Ellis isn’t the biggest name, but in the east he could make a difference on a team getting Paul George back (to 100%).
The Nets don’t have the money to take other team’s free agents, so re-signing their own is their only real option. Sounds like Brook Lopez isn’t going anywhere. The Mavericks weren’t supposed to be meeting with anyone tonight … turns out they’re making serious moves.
Jordan is planning to meet with the Lakers on Wednesday.The Brow GOT PAID, and once the TV deal kicks in this contract won’t even hurt the Pelicans. By the time Davis is a free agent again, he’s going to be the best player in the league. As expected, the Spurs are retaining Kawhi Leonard on a deal rumored to be in the neighborhood of five-years/$90 million. This is a great contract.
The first name to change uniforms was Al-Farouq Aminu, and did we mention that the new TV money is going to make sure players GET PAID (and maybe get locked out …).

See, Woj does make mistakes, though!

Oh, and we have Rondo news! He wont be signing with the Knicks!
But in all seriousness, the Kings are still not scared off by Rondo’s antics in Dallas.
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