SWAGGY P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swaggy P God's Gift

GOD’S GIFT TO WOMEN. Bahahahahahahahahah.

What a SWAGNIFICNET costume Los Angeles Lakers Perennial Superstar Nick Young had on last night … only two players in the entire league could pull this off, Nick Young … and do I even need to say it? J.R. Smith. What makes this thing so great is 1) HE IS ENGAGED TO IGGY AZALEA, THE DUDE HAS A FIANCE AND HE’S OUTCHEA ADVERTISING TO WOMEN OF PLANET EARTH THAT HE’S STILL GOD’S GIFT TO WOMEN. 2) That it looks like he put all of 5 minutes into making this — dude DGAF about anything, even pissing off his more-famous-than-him girlfriend. he didn’t do it to win any costume contests, he did it solely to make a point. Probably got someone in his entourage to cover him in wrapping paper and had ’em write words on it. I swear only Nick Young, man, how does he not have his own E! reality TV show yet? That thing would pull Kardashian-esque numbers.

P.S. D’Angelo Russell’s Easy-E costume ON POINT. Would have been the best so far if it weren’t for Swaggy.

D'Angelo Eazy E

Coming in at third was easily Kevin Durant’s !!!BLUE STREAK!!! costume of Miles Logan. Yes, the same Blue Streak movie that is on TNT at 3 AM every Friday night AKA THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER.

Tengo un gato los pantolones.

If you don’t know what the means, i’m sorry: we can’t be friends.

And finally: can’t sign off without mentioning Dirk Nowitzki’s Lurch costume. Amazing.