The Vegas Lines

Highest Scoring Games

Mavericks vs. Clippers – It’s time for Thursday night NBA! This short slate offers only one high scoring contest, the Mavs at the Clips. The o/u for this contest is 211 and CP3 and company should light up the night. With a handful of Maverick players sidelined and Dirk no longer in his prime, this game could get out of hand fast. No worries though, the regulars (CP3, Blake, and DeAndre) will all get there fill and the Mavs present us with some sneaky value (see Zaza.)

Lowest Scoring Games

Grizzlies vs. Pacers – Welcome to a snorefest. With the lowest o/u of the night at 187, I expect to see a lot of defense in this one. Don’t let the o/u fool you though, there will be a lot of boards and blocks in this game. On a short slate you will also probably need to look to this game for value. I am always a fan of the Grizzlies bigs and you can never go wrong with a little Paul George.

Pace of Play

Fastest Projected Games

Mavericks vs. ClippersCP3 is a floor general and likes to keep the ball moving, this is especially easy for him with athletic bigs. The Clippers enter the game with a Hollinger rating of 105.3 and the Mavs are close on their heels with a 103.6. Both teams like to play at and extremely fast pace and this should show in the scoring tonight.

Slowest Projected Games

Grizzlies vs. Pacers – Surprisingly the Pacers are ranked with the fastest pace in the Hollinger ratings during the early part of the season at 106.9. However, whenever an NBA team plays the Griz their pace is set for them. The Griz like to slow play and utilize ZBo and Gasol under the basket. With a 97.6 rating the Griz are officially the 26th slowest team in the NBA. Welcome to Hoosier land guys, 5 passes and shoot!

Defense vs. Position

Best PG Matchups

CP3 vs. Raymond Felton/Deron Williams – Chris Paul is an elite fantasy play every time he touches the court. What makes him so desirable is that he contributes in every category. Paul’s elite defense and his ability to score are no match for most PGs in the league. With the uncertainty of the Mav’s lineup, CP3 makes for a great play tonight.

Worst PG Matchups

George Hill vs. Mike Conley – Conley is probably the 3rd best guard defender in the league, behind CP3 and Steph. I like George Hill and think he will be a great contributor for the Pacers over the course of the year. The Grizzlies have only given up 20.9 points to opposing Point Guards. Conley may give Hill all he can handle tonight.

Best SG Matchups

Kyle Korver vs. Whoever starts at SG for the Knicks – Korver is an elite scorer on the wing. He also can contribute in other statistical categories (rebounds/assists). The Knicks haven’t been able to defend a PG or SG for what seems to be like the last 20 years. If this game doesn’t get out of hand (see last night’s game) then Korver could be in for a high scoring affair.

Worst SG Matchups

Courtney Lee vs. Monta Ellis/Rodney Stuckey – Courtney Lee isn’t known for his high powered offense, but Monta Ellis isn’t know for his high powered defense. It looks like relativity will get the past of this match up and Lee’s offensive woes will help the Pacers defense.

Best SF Matchups

Paul Pierce vs. Jeremy Evans – Old man Pierce saw his fair share of minutes during the Clips opener and the Truth can still play. With the SF position up in the air until the return of Chandler Parsons, the Truth should have his way with the Mavericks tonight. I like where he sets up with value tonight.

Worst SF Matchups

Jeff Green vs. C.J. Miles – Miles has garnered the top depth chart position this year. Green has always been a decent player, but he will get the best of Miles tonight. The Pacers have only given up 18 points to the SF position over the course of a game. I am staying away from this matchup tonight.

Best PF Matchups

Blake Griffin vs. Dirk Nowitzki – I am a big Dirk fan, unfortunately he draws Blake Griffin tonight. The Mavs have given up a double double to opposing PFs and Griffin is a double double machine. Griffin is my top play of the night.

Worst PF Matchups

Dirk Nowitzki vs. Blake Griffin – Hold up, didn’t we just see this match up? Yes, you did, but it works both ways. We all know somebody has to score for the injury riddled Mavs, but Dirk has to try and contend with Blake’s athleticism. This is difficult for a PF in their prime and Dirk is far from his prime.

Best C Matchups

Al Horford vs. Robin Lopez – RoLo is not BroLo, but he has played decent for the Knicks. Unfortunately, Horford is one of the NBA’s elite Cs and this matchup has opportunity written all over it tonight. I only worry about the blowout, but still feel like Horford has a shot at a double double tonight.

Worst C Matchups

Zaza Pachulia vs. DeAndre Jordan – Jordan is probably the best C in the NBA (Sorry Dwight). He doesn’t score a lot of points because he has teammates named Chris and Blake, but he does grab a lot of boards. Zaza will have his hands full and will be in a heated battle all night. Look for DeAndre’s stifling defense to give Zaza a fit.

Lineup Quick Hits

Superstar Worth Paying For

Blake Griffin – Somebody break out the Kia’s, Blake could be dunking all night. Griffin is another anomaly that has the ability to do it all from his post position. In a high scoring game and against a week

Save Big Bucks By Drafting

Raymond Felton – We saw flashes of National Championship and Charlotte Bobcats Ray last night. With D Will and Parsons probably out tonight, Ray will get to be involved in a lot of the offense. He also comes in at a very low price. Felton is in a great spot to possibly hit value tonight.

Dud of the Night

George Hill ($6,000) – I want to love Hill, I really want to, but the match up just looks bad. I have a strong feeling that the Pacers run through Paul George tonight and Hill takes a backseat. I usually like to stay away from any PG playing against Mike Conley and tonight is no different.